Vitamin D (Manousaki, 2020)

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STUDY TITLE: Genome-wide Association Study for Vitamin D Levels Reveals 69 Independent Loci

SUMMARY: Identification of 69 genetic regions associated with vitamin D levels.

OVERVIEW:  Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine vitamin” because it’s produced by the skin when it’s exposed to sunlight. The vitamin helps ensure that the body absorbs and retains the minerals calcium and phosphorus, which are important for building strong bones. In this study, researchers aimed to understand the genetic determinants of vitamin D levels by conducting a genome-wide association study of ~400,000 individuals of European ancestry. The study identified 69 genetic regions associated with levels of the vitamin, of which 63 are novel. Interestingly, the researchers discovered a link between vitamin D levels and some socioeconomic traits, which may be related to how much time one spends outdoors.

DID YOU KNOW? Individuals with darker skin are at a high risk of becoming vitamin D deficient. This is because melanin, which causes skin pigmentation, lowers the skin’s ability to produce the vitamin in response to sunlight. [SOURCE]

SAMPLE RESULTS: Learn more about the Nebula Research Library.

VITAMIN D LEVEL-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs11723621, rs10832289, rs12803256, rs567876843, rs3775150, rs117913124, rs10859995, rs112285002, rs117576073, rs61816761, rs7699711, rs549940584, rs964184, rs222026, rs2011425, rs1800588, rs188480917, rs577185477, rs8018720, rs7828742, rs6127099, rs538325438, rs261291, rs185433896, rs705117, rs150585703, rs145432346, rs10426, rs2934744, rs375984409, rs12123821, rs3750296, rs560384646, rs2762942, rs2585442, rs200454003, rs571484036, rs115045402, rs534042887, rs58542926, rs11127048, rs201501563, rs28364331, rs1972994, rs138726443, rs1800775, rs532836473, rs61937878, rs567415847, rs7528419, rs201561609, rs2229742, rs804280, rs11264360, rs3822868, rs186881826, rs528776789, rs1149605, rs157595, rs148514005, rs574615332, rs190688847, rs186441690, rs564377207, rs1065853, rs536006581, rs73015021, rs6123359, rs17765311, rs1229984, rs10793129, rs373514022, rs558560635, rs554808052, rs3814995, rs117206369, rs1011468, rs571618690, rs144613541, rs150597413, rs2847500, rs62130059, rs2909218, rs192785674, rs200641845, rs523583, rs2074735, rs12317268, rs1047891, rs191379475, rs113938679, rs1858889, rs188838036, rs867772, rs62007299, rs7519574, rs561089663, rs111529171, rs7569755, rs10887718, rs6724965, rs7650253, rs557657187, rs529640451, rs77924615, rs12997242, rs576242124, rs58073039, rs10832218, rs56044892, rs189918701, rs34726834, rs546541682, rs8103262, rs6698680, rs2037511, rs8091117, rs6438900, rs184958517, rs57631352, rs187443664, rs7718395, rs574992951, rs71383766, rs532436, rs960596, rs10500209, rs10818769, rs10127775, rs78649910, rs565277381, rs186897112, rs3768013, rs8063706, rs143106299, rs184291421, rs9668081, rs6773343

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