DNA diet testing — Is a personalized diet test the best to lose weight?

Whether you’re interested in DNA testing for weight loss diets or to maintain a healthy weight, eating suitable diets can help you achieve this. We all need certain essential nutrients, but knowing which ones you need most and which ones you should abstain from can be more difficult to discern. In this case, you may want to opt for a DNA diet test (also called a DNA nutrition test). 

A DNA diet test can help you discover the best diet for you. Even if you’ve been trying generic diets or meal plans, you may still be experiencing illnesses, allergies, or stubborn gained weight. This can all originate from diets that are not tailored to your personalized needs. A DNA diet test can help in this regard. 

What is a DNA diet test?

The DNA diet test is a DNA test that analyzes your genetic variants to predict how your body interacts with certain minerals and nutrients in your diet. The tests often closely analyze the food you eat. Then, they make meal recommendations based on your genetic makeup and the types of nutrients your body needs. Overall, they aim to help to provide suitable recommendations about the best diet that can help you stay healthier and promote weight loss.

Diet plans often include protein and vegetables
The DNA diet test can help you choose the right diet. Pixabay.

Another reason people might want to test DNA for diet is to determine which foods to stay away from. Some individuals have genetic types that are allergic or sensitive to certain common foods and the reason for this might be deeply rooted in their genetic makeup. The DNA diet test can help you determine nutrients you’re sensitive to so that you can reduce or eliminate it from your diet.

What does a DNA diet test tell you?

A diet DNA test can provide you with a lot of information regarding your fitness and nutrition needs based on your DNA. These tests are based on nutrigenomics, a subset of genetic tests that focus on the relationship between genes, nutrition and health. It seeks to use the secrets of your DNA to explain how our bodies respond to what we eat and drink and how we can maximize our health.  

Dna test for health and diet based on nutrigenomics rely on the analysis of your genetic makeup to create dietary recommendations that meet your personal nutritional and health needs and help prevent nutrition-related chronic diseases.

If you’re considering taking this test, the following are some of the things you’ll learn from it.

Nutrient and vitamin requirements

What quantity of proteins, fats and carbohydrates should you have in your diet? Most DNA diet tests promise to reveal this kind of information. Some people are predisposed to certain chronic conditions, such as thinness or obesity (many believe the FTO gene as being a key player). Understanding these predispositions can help inform customers what types of essential nutrients may be required in their personalized diet to achieve the results they want. By obtaining the required quantity of both macronutrients and micronutrients, you can become healthier and also help you maintain healthy body weight. 

Protein analysis from a DNA diet test
Macronutrient analysis from Genopalate

This concept is especially important as the nutrient and vitamin requirements might be different among individuals. When you take a DNA diet test, you’ll find out which nutrient you need more of and which one you might need in a minute quantity. If you have any nutrient or vitamin deficiency, the DNA diet test can also point this out and you can correct it. 

Customized diet and exercise plans

Using DNA diet tests to create personalized diet and exercise plans represents a new frontier in nutrition and personalized preventative medicine. While recommended diet and exercise guidelines are often written as a one size fits all, we know that individuals differ on the genetic level. Genetic variations can affect the way you metabolize nutrients, store fat, and many other processes related to weight gain or loss. For example, one individual might need a low carb diet to avoid food sensitives while another might need additional daily calories to maintain a healthy weight.

You may also find through a diet DNA test that you have predispositions to an increased risk of food-gene interactions that are not common in the general population. This single gene variant may impact the type of diet recommended. 

Food sensitivities

Sometimes an individual will react to certain substances in food such as lactose, glucose, and caffeine. Many of these food sensitivities can be observed in certain genetic variants. Taking a DNA diet test can help you determine if you are predisposed to react negatively to certain ingredients. This can in turn help inform you as to certain foods you may want to consider eliminating from your diet. 

It’s important to remember that while personal genetics is a key component to an individual’s response to food, diet and lifestyle are also closely linked. Some aspects of food sensitivities and weight management cannot be explained by genetic markers alone. 

Who can take the DNA diet test?

Anyone who wishes for a more personalized approach to fitness and diet plans can analyze their genetic profile for diet. It is especially important for those who feel they might be sensitive to a particular food or nutrient. The test will help them confirm if such sensitivity is or is not genetically influenced and provide peace of mind for why or why not they might be experiencing distress from eating certain foods. 

People who also want to know which nutrients they need more of can take the DNA test for diet. Many tests also cover aspects that relate to healthy DNA based diets such as blood pressure and fatty acids. It bridges the relationship between nutrients and genes. 

A diet report produced from DNA diet testing
The contents of a diet report produced by Vitagene.

If you want to lose weight, you can also take the diet DNA test. It reveals information concealed in your genetic blueprints about how much body fat burning you need. Knowing your limits can help you prevent taking excess carbs that can convert to fats or fatty foods themselves which may eventually result in being overweight.

An example of a DNA diet test

To help decide which diet is best for you, you should consider taking a DNA diet test. Some companies are specifically focused on diet and fitness goals. 

DNAfit overview

DNAfit claims to provide you with a new approach to your diet and nutrition. This consumer genetics company will help you unlock all you need to know about your dietary DNA profile. Their test results are easy to understand and you can present it to your dietician as well. 

The home page of DNAfit
DNAfit home page

According to the information on the company’s website, DNAfit “promises a smarter, easier, and more effective solution to health and fitness, entirely unique to your DNA profile. Whatever your goal, DNAfit can personalize your path to a healthier and happier life.”

Their result can help you understand your nutritional needs better. Other information you’ll find in the result include:

  • Optimal diet and macronutrient response 
  • Personalized nutrients needs 
  • Food intolerances and sensitivities 
  • Optimal exercise response 

Taking a DNAfit test

Taking the DNAfit diet test is easy. All you need to do is to follow four easy steps. First, order your DNA kit online. You can do this directly from the company’s website. Next, collect your sample via cheek swab by gently rubbing the swab on the inner part of your cheek and mail your sample to the laboratory. You should receive your result between 10 to 15 business days.

DNAfit cost review

You can get the Diet Fit test kit for as low as £111.75 ($154). If you need a more detailed result, you can opt for the Health Fit test which costs £149.25 ($205). They also offer the circle premium test at £375.25 ($515). 

Sample costs associated with a DNA diet test
When it comes to cost, these tests are typically more expensive than similar companies.

If you already have 23andMe DNA data, you don’t have to take additional test samples. DNAfit can use your existing data to provide a personalized result for your nutrition and fitness. When you use existing data you will pay either £29.25 ($40) for Diet Link or £51.75 ($71) for Health Link.

DNAfit report review

One of the most obvious sections of the DNAfit product is DNA testing for proper diet. The DNAfit Diet Fit product will provide 11 reports on diet insights, 13 reports on nutrient insights, and 1 platform for personalized meal plans. This covers just about every area possible in relation to genes and general diet.

A sample report from DNA diet testing
A sample report on optimal diet type from DNAfit

If interested in a more detailed plan based on diet, physical fitness, and mental health, you can purchase the more extensive Health Fit test that includes the same 11 reports on diet insights and 13 reports on nutrient insights included in Diet Fit. It will also include 11 reports on fitness insights (including injury risk and optimal training type), 2 platforms for meal and training plans, and 5 reports on stress and sleep insights.

DNAfit privacy review

The company claims to uphold customers’ privacy to the best of its ability. Therefore, they put in place appropriate security mechanisms and data protection policies to ensure that customers’ data are well protected.

Are DNA nutrition tests reliable?

DNA health testing is reliable if you patronize the right DNA test company and use the right kit. Doctors, dieticians, and allergists may recommend this test for patients to know their food sensitivities and nutrient deficiency. 

However, scientific evidence is mixed on whether personalized tailored diets result in customers achieving their health goals in the long term. 

Scientific studies show that everything from heart disease, to body mass index, to mental health are influenced by genes to some extent. This means that sequencing your DNA is an important component to completely understanding your optimal approach to health. However, genetics is just one component. Other factors, such as lifestyle choices, culture, and health history should also be important things to consider when developing a diet or fitness plan. The good news is that more research is being done on genetic predispositions everyday. With Nebula Genomics, our weekly updated reports ensure that you stay up to date on the latest discoveries.

Most plans constructed by the DNA testing companies are not performed by medical professionals who understand your unique medical history and health goals. Therefore, it is always best to consult with your personal nutritionist or health provider before starting a plan to lose fat, diet, or change your fitness routine, even after receiving results and action items from a DNA company.

Nebula Genomics

Here’s a quick fact, most DNA tests only decode 0.02%of your DNA. This is why their results may not be reliable. However, this is not the case with Nebula Genomics

If you need a DNA diet test that will examine 100% of your genetic makeup and provide a reliable result, Nebula Genomics will decode the entire human genome using 30X Whole Genome Sequencing for under $299. This allows us to produce 10,000 times more genetic data than other DNA tests like 23andMe and Ancestry DNA. Our WGS produces the best result when it comes to DNA diet tests. This is because our processes give you the entire picture of your genes as they relate to diet plus much, much more.

The Nebula Research Library contains science based reports that are updated weekly based on the most recent scientific discoveries. This allows you to continue to learn more about your DNA and update any diet or fitness plans as new data becomes available.

Your privacy is our priority because we understand how much is at stake should your genetic information fall in the wrong hands. Therefore, we diligently prevent such. We put the right security mechanism in place to ensure the security of your information. Begin your journey of discovery without risking the privacy of your most personal information by dealing with Nebula Genomics for your DNA diet test. 

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