DNAfit review – Can this DNA test help you get fit?

DNAfit Review Summary

DNAfit is a company that uses genetic testing to provide exercise and diet recommendations. Learn more in our DNAfit review!

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DNAfit creates personalized diet and fitness plans based on DNA for a competitive price and offers useful mobile apps.


7 Facts from our DNAfit Review

  1. Location: Kent, England
  2. Products: Diet and health fit based on genotyping; a more detailed DNA test (Circle Premium) based on whole-exome sequencing
  3. Reports: On nutrition and training or a more detailed health report that includes disease risks and family planning
  4. Result delivery: Through the website and the DNAFit App
  5. Raw data access: Not available
  6. Cost: $151-$629
  7. Alternatives: Nebula Genomics (free DNA data upload and free DNA health report; affordable whole genome sequencing)

This review is written with the intent to be as unbiased as possible. However, it represents the opinion of an individual reviewer and is therefore subjective. Furthermore, at Nebula Genomics we seek to educate the public about the benefits of Whole Genome Sequencing. Information about our Whole Genome Sequencing DNA test is therefore incorporated into the review.

July 11, 2022

Edited by Christina Swords, Ph.D.

Pros and Cons


  • Report on how DNA affects health and fitness
  • Possible to upload 23andMe raw data (not free)
  • One-time coaching
  • Access to useful apps


  • DNA raw data cannot be downloaded
  • Sometimes the health recommendations seem to be generic
  • The cost of the whole exome sequencing is high ($629)

DNAFit Introduction

DNAfit is a wellness genetic company founded in 2013 by South African Avi Lasarow. Based on genetic makeup analysis, it creates a personalized diet and fitness plan. DNAfit also offers assistance from expert sports scientists and dieticians. 

The service became part of the Prenetics Group in 2018. Recently, it partnered with Vita Mojo to create genetically-matched meals.

DNAfit is a genetic company focused on producing tests marketed towards those interested in health and wellness. It primarily offers two reports with actionable genomics advice for nutrition and fitness. After a swab test for your genetic profile, DNAfit will share personalized information that includes a detailed meal plan. 

The kits are more expensive than some alternatives, and they do not offer whole genome sequencing. However, the company does have a partnership with CircleDNA, which offers whole exome sequencing. 

Diagrams and names of six DNAfit offering tests
Some of DNAfit’s offering
Did you know that most genetic tests like DNAfit decode only 0.02% – 2% of your DNA? Nebula Genomics offers Whole Genome Sequencing, a complete DNA test that decodes 100% of your DNA and enables you to learn more about your ancestry, wellness, and health than any other test! Click here to learn more!

Review of DNAfit Genetic Testing Services

DNAfit primarily offers genetic analysis with two plans: 

Diet Fit ($151): This product analyzes your genes to give actionable nutritional information. In addition, it provides a personalized meal planner with its genetic nutrition report. You will get recommendations for either a low carb diet, low-fat diet, or Mediterranean diet.

Health Fit ($174): Now known as Home Fit. This more expensive service provides the nutritional information found in Diet Fit and more. It also provides a health report, including information such as your predisposition to stress.

Because DNAfit is a subsidiary of Prenetics, it advertises the CircleDNA test. The CircleDNA test is a “whole exome sequencing” test and is more comprehensive in its analysis. 

Getting Started with DNAfit

Getting started is pretty straightforward: after ordering the DNA testing kit online, a saliva swab is delivered to your home. Once the sample collection is completed, it is sent to an accredited laboratory that will produce DNA sequencing results – within 15 days. Customers can access their genetic results using their DNAfit login on the website. 

Diagrams explaining the four steps for testing with DNAfit
Getting started with DNAfit

It is also possible to upload Ancestry, MyHeritage, or 23andMe raw DNA data. This lets you obtain Diet or Health plans at reduced costs. ($39 for the Diet Link and $71 for the Health Link).

However, data uploads can produce different reports compared to data generated by DNAfit. In particular, a reduced amount of information is obtained from 23andMe files. 

There may be some technical difficulties (with the data format) that are not always easy to overcome.

Review of DNAfit Reports

Review of Diet Fit ($151)

This test was formerly known as DNAFit Fitness Diet Pro. When ordering this DNAfit test, specific genes associated with diet and nutrition are analyzed to produce personalized meals and optimal diet plans. 

The main information gathered through this genetic analysis is shown in the graphic below. The DietFit report can be found on its website. Among other things, you can discover if you are lactose intolerant or have a predisposition for celiac disease. Other sections of the report include things like carbohydrate & saturated fat insights and sensitivity to salt, alcohol, and caffeine.

Sample report page explaining what you will learn from your DNAfit diet report
The report introduces with an explanation of aspects evaluated during the test

To gain a deeper insight into the style of the report, let’s look at the breakdown of carbohydrate sensitivity, the section that describes whether you are sensitive to carbs. It shows an overview of the effects of your genotype on carbohydrate metabolism and sensitivity to insulin.

Excerpt of DNAFit Diet report about carbohydrates.
Excerpt of DNAfit Diet report about carbohydrates

Some of the detailed suggestions, such as ways to lose weight, provide more information. This weight-loss recommendation is based on the glycemic load (GL) and index (GI) of carbohydrate-containing food. DNAFit provides tips and the below table with different carbohydrates and their GL and GI values.

Excerpt of DNAfit Diet report showing actionable tips.
Excerpt of DNAfit Diet report showing actionable tips

A table with nutrient summary and guidelines like the one below is included at the bottom of the report:

Excerpt of DNAfit Diet report with table nutritional information.
Excerpt of DNAfit Diet report with table nutritional information

The plan includes support from a dietician coach (one 30-minute call) and access to the MealPlanner app.

Review of Health Fit ($199) – Now Home Fit

The Home Fit report is a more complete plan that adds fitness information and personalized advice to the Diet Fit report. It analyzes your genetic data to formulate an optimal training program. 

These health and fitness results also include information on whether you have a predisposition for soft tissue injury and aerobic potential.

Furthermore, the reports contain information on recovery efficiency. This information can help you decide if you should be focusing exercise plan efforts on things like long runs or strength training to maximize your health potential.

You can read about categories such as aerobic potential and injury risk.

Excerpt of DNAfit health report explaining the areas studied: endurance, aerobic potential, post-exercise recovery, nutrition, and injury risk
Excerpt of DNAfit Health report

Do you need more endurance sports or high-intensity activity? Based on the endurance/power profile, it is possible to modulate the training activity, like endurance training.

The report is very detailed on the percents and genes involved in particular physical responses
Excerpt of DNAfit Health report with fitness advice

However, a balanced training session is always advised:

Excerpt of DNAfit health report explaining power/endurance profile
The report includes a detailed description of each aspect determined by a patient’s genetic profile

Home Fit also includes support from sports scientists (one 30-minute call) and access to a training plan. 

Review of DNAfit Circle Premium ($629)

This complete plan analyzes the whole exome sequence, similar to the full genome sequencing. However, it only analyses the genes that instruct protein production (circa 1% of the human genome).

From this analysis, a DNA health report is produced that is more comprehensive than the Health Fit report. It includes disease and cancer risks; drug response; family planning, and information that is summarized in the figure below:

List of reports available within each of the 20 categories, with icons included
DNAfit offers a variety of reports in diverse categories

Review of DNAfit Privacy Policy

DNAfit, trading as Prenetics EMEA Limited, is strict about its privacy policy. The data are stored under pseudonymized IDs, and the sample is destroyed after use. However, this means that DNAfit raw data is not available for download.

DNAfit requires your permission to share the results with somebody outside the laboratory and does not sell your information to third parties. However, it may be transferred outside the European Economic Area (EEA) for processing (in which case strict measures are applied to protect it).

DNAfit labs have ISO/IEC 27001 certification for information security and management system (ISMS). ISO/IEC 27001 works as a checklist of actions to protect your organization from cyber threats. Having the certification demonstrates a high level of security. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy, you can contact DNAfit via live chat, telephone, or email.

DNAFit in the News

Other DNAfit Reviews

On Trustpilot, there are over 2600 DNAfit reviews with an average rating of 3.9 out of 5. DNAfit reviews on Amazon had an average rating of 3.2 (the old DNAfit Helix product) with 24 reviews. This product is no longer available on this site.

Some DNAfit reviews (TheVerge) or DNAfit reviews on Reddit suggest that results and advice should be more specific. 

Nebula Genomics

We conclude our DNAfit review with a comparison to Nebula Genomics and other DNA testing companies.

Nebula Expand

At Nebula Genomics, we offer free DNA upload from 23andMe or AncestryDNA. We analyze DNA raw data, filling the blanks left from other DNA tests and produce an expanded DNA report. The library includes research on health, wellness, and disease tendencies associated with genes.

Whole Genome Sequencing

We also offer 30x Whole Genome Sequencing at an affordable cost. We read 100% of your DNA and let you explore the genetic data with powerful, interactive tools. You can follow your interests and curiosities, also based on our library’s regular updates.

Access to Raw Data and Privacy

Last, but certainly not least, at Nebula, we value your privacy and make it a central part of our Service. Nebula stores and protects your data with blockchain technology, making it completely anonymous and secure. You will have full control over how – and if – we share your genetic information. Additionally, you can decide to help researchers here at Nebula or third party organizations, in which case, you can be compensated.

You will always be able to access your data and download it in different formats. 

DNAfit vs. Nebula Genomics

Here you can find a comparison of Nebula Genomics 30x WGS to DNAfit and other DNA testing companies.

23andMeAncestryDNADNAfit (Circle Premium)Nebula Genomics
Produced data~600,000 genetic variants~700,000 genetic variants~700,000 genetic variants (genotyping), 2% of the genome for whole exome sequencing~3,000,000,000 positions in the genome
Raw DNA data accessYesYesNoYes
Free Raw Data AnalysisNoNoNoYes (learn more)
Disease screeningYesYes, but only when requested by a physicianYes (Circle Premium)Polygenic scores for many traits and diseases
Nutrition and fitness coaching NoNoYes (30 minutes each)No
Regular updates based on the latest discoveries in geneticsNo NoNoYes (learn more)
Ancestry reportingYesYesLimitedDeep ancestry reporting with full Y chromosome and mtDNA sequencing
Cost$99 or $199$99 or $119$151-$629$0, $99, $299

Other companies

If you’re interested in how your genes influence your health and fitness, you should also check out these alternative products:

For diet:

  • Fitness Genes (data upload and DNA testing kits)
  • FoundMyFitness (one-time report for or lifetime updates and other perks with a subscription)
  • GeneFood (data upload and a personalized nutrition test)
  • Genopalate (data upload and DNA testing kit)
  • Nutrigenomix (personalized nutrition based on 70 variants)
  • Vitagene (diet and health)

General Fitness:

  • Athletigen (free upload and basic report; additional tests and reports available at an additional cost)
  • Genomelink (fitness information)
  • Sequencing.com (fitness app purchased separately)
  • Xcode Life (fitness and health report)

General Health:

  • 24Genetics (health tests)
  • AthGene (30+ reports tailored to fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle)
  • CircleDNA (health and wellness)
  • Genovate (relationship, health, fitness, and ancestry tests)
  • HealthCodes DNA (personalized plans for wellness, nutrition, and fitness)
  • myDNA (personalized fitness, diet, and medication plans)
  • Orig3n (various DNA tests – no longer available)
  • Promethease (health information)
  • SelfDecode (wellness reports)

Other DNA testing products that offer exome sequencing include:

Learn more about whole exome sequencing!

There are a lot of great supplement companies out there that may help you lose weight and get healthy (you can read about many of them on our blog!) But be careful! There are also dangerous experimental drugs like SR9009 and RAD 140 that are not approved for human consumption.

Did you like out DNAfit review? You can find more DNA test reviews on our blog and check out our complete guide to the best DNA test kit and other home tests. Or, if you need more information, you can read more about DNA diet tests!

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