Type 2 diabetes (Spracklen, 2020)

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STUDY TITLE: Identification of type 2 diabetes loci in 433,540 East Asian individuals

SUMMARY: Identification of 301 genetic variants associated with type 2 diabetes in East Asian populations.

OVERVIEW: Blood sugar, or glucose, is the body’s main source of energy. Its concentration in the blood is controlled by the hormone insulin which is produced in the pancreas. Insulin promotes the intake of blood sugar by the cells in the body which reduces its concentration in the blood. Type 2 diabetes occurs when cells don’t respond to insulin and/or the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. This results in increased blood glucose concentration which damages organs, nerves, and blood vessels. Most previous studies examined genetic predisposition to the condition in European populations, potentially missing many genetic variants that are less common in individuals of European ancestry. Also, previous research has shown that adjusted for BMI, East Asian individuals have higher rates of diabetes than Europeans. Thus, this study looked at type 2 diabetes in people with East Asian ancestry: 77,418 individuals with the disease and 356,122 healthy controls. The study identified 301 genetic variants across 183 genomic locations of which 61 are novel. Additionally, most of the identified variants were found to influence the risk of the disease in Europeans in a similar way.

DID YOU KNOW? The glycemic index is a measurement of how fast a type of food will cause an increase in blood sugar. Glucose, the form of sugar your body uses, has a glycemic index of 100. White rice has a glycemic index of 73, nearly as high as white bread at 75. Eating lower glycemic index foods can help patients control their diabetes. [SOURCE]

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STUDY-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs2237897, rs10965248, rs2233580, rs9350271, rs7901695, rs13266634, rs13092876, rs8064454, rs11257657, rs1421085, rs10757283, rs4073288, rs8037894, rs256904, rs80234489, rs17072370, rs35906730, rs3824004, rs2796441, rs79748283, rs10011838, rs234866, rs476828, rs7656416, rs952471, rs4148646, rs11926494, rs6585201, rs4237150, rs186568031, rs742762, rs10886863, rs8026714, rs142395395, rs568052023, rs1260326, rs60410861, rs7109575, rs17168486, rs3751236, rs12907887, rs2583934, rs35099099, rs1832886, rs10950550, rs7983505, rs4711389, rs9523295, rs28691713, rs11199753, rs697743, rs1575972, rs117267808, rs117624659, rs7250869, rs28599782, rs7925578, rs6831006, rs75536691, rs12454712, rs111246699, rs243018, rs7787720, rs12698877, rs12712928, rs76868685, rs11205766, rs12625671, rs13040225, rs8043085, rs9379084, rs62508166, rs376993806, rs4273712, rs10965239, rs61509816, rs139034871, rs201308301, rs138205568, rs11023072, rs6416749, rs184356106, rs80196932, rs10852123, rs147834269, rs3135911, rs55783344, rs3735567, rs562138031, rs2524113, rs7900112, rs60054445, rs7313668, rs12403994, rs1426371, rs117809958, rs532504, rs201018682, rs188520200, rs35551980, rs7895872, rs7739842, rs6806156, rs538698072, rs7171507, rs4739515, rs75990271, rs3963364, rs7502556, rs1182444, rs2151282, rs2908279, rs238763, rs73347525, rs879882, rs118074491, rs10748694, rs2800734, rs61021634, rs988748, rs529565, rs561837820, rs56687477, rs123378, rs1955163, rs10938398, rs60573766, rs1236816, rs77045000, rs75179644, rs2269245, rs149265787, rs6021276, rs9998835, rs61910828, rs9948462, rs4716673, rs12437434, rs475002, rs1850421, rs231917, rs9866168, rs34642578, rs10860209, rs7136054, rs73085586, rs149336329, rs2925979, rs61975988, rs7289813, rs111826047, rs10125947, rs6885132, rs58524310, rs2240885, rs12379111, rs9859381, rs28637892, rs261982, rs9316706, rs60089934, rs16902871, rs62405419, rs77816939, rs602652, rs77978149, rs12600132, rs9390022, rs896852, rs3731600, rs1327123, rs13086331, rs2074120, rs12109081, rs76541615, rs2706710, rs55700915, rs77065181, rs2126736, rs74998300, rs1016565, rs329122, rs9376382, rs12673470, rs9266658, rs144239281, rs349359, rs9935994, rs4776970, rs188775221, rs113154802, rs7307263, rs572817245, rs12438302, rs8101064, rs75759932, rs10505581, rs10830963

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