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Dante Labs Review Summary

Dante Labs is an Italian DNA testing company that offers affordable whole genome sequencing. Lear more in our Dante Labs review!

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Dante Labs is a genetic testing company that offers 30X whole genome sequencing and a variety of reports. It is more expensive than similar products. They also have a history of failing to respond to customer complaints and have retracted the ability to download raw DNA data.


Edited by Christina Swords, Ph.D.

7 Facts from our Dante Labs Review

  1. Location: L’Aquila, Italy
  2. Products: whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing
  3. Reporting: Health, Wellness, Nutrigenomics, Fitness and Pharmacogenetics reports
  4. Raw data download: 2021 UPDATE: Dante Labs no longer allows customers the ability to download FASTQ or BAM formats. VCF downloads are still available
  5. Privacy: GDPR-compliant; in-house lab in Italy
  6. Cost: $599 for 30x whole genome sequencing, most reports cost extra ($49 – $499)
  7. Alternatives: Nebula Genomics (The most affordable 30X Whole Genome Sequencing with weekly updated reports and advanced ancestry reporting)

Dante Labs Introduction

Dante Labs was founded in 2016 by Mattia Capulli and Andrea Riposati after being approached by a friend who was having difficulty finding a whole genome sequencing test. In 2020, the company is headed by CEO Andrea Riposati. The company’s goal is to make personal genomics accessible to everyone, allowing individuals to make informed decisions about their health. They are headquartered in L’Aquila, Italy with an office in New York in the United States as well. Dante Labs UK only exists online through the URL, danelabs.co.uk. There is no location in the UK, but services are available in that country through Dante’s website. They have customers in more than 80 countries. Learn more in our Dante Labs review!

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Dante Labs Whole Genome Sequencing Review

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) based on next-generation sequencing technology is the new gold standard for genetic testing. Most DNA testing companies such as 23andMe and Ancestry analyze only a small portion (less than 0.02%) of the DNA. Whole genome sequencing decodes 100% of the DNA using whole genome sequencing at 30x coverage. This DNA analysis fully determines an individual’s genetic makeup and reports are based on your whole genome. It uses Illumina’s NovaSeq™ 6000 System for high throughput genomic testing. 

Dante Labs Whole Genome Sequencing Reviews

Dante Labs offers two different tests, both of which offer full genome sequencing coverage, and an advanced option to upgrade. Additional reports can also be ordered to supplement the DNA Test report.

Whole Genome Sequencing Test (30X) (starting from $599)

This testing service sequences 100% of the DNA at 30x coverage. The standard reporting time for Dante Labs full genome sequencing test is 8 weeks. For expedited service, this test is available for $899 with a turnaround time of 2 weeks. Sales often lower this price to $499. You may be interested in this kit if you want to learn about genetic health risks and DNA-Based fitness and nutrition information.

Whole GenomeZ – Whole Genome Sequencing for Advanced Analysis (130X + 30X) (starting from $849)

This test kit provides 130X coverage of the exome. The exome is the protein-coding regions of the DNA. More than 85% of the known mutations that cause diseases occur in the exome. The rest of the genome is sequenced with 30X coverage. The reports can be made available in 2 weeks for $1,490. This test is ideal for those interested in rare and genetic diseases due to its higher coverage.

Review of Dante Labs Reporting

A customer creates an account by registering their kit in the Genome Manager. Here the customer can check the status of the order, review all reports, explore the genome, download raw data files and purchase new reports.

View of Dante Labs' Genome Manager.
View of Dante Labs’ Genome Manager. 

Once your DNA is sequenced, you can begin to look at reports. The reports that are included in the initial price are categorized into Wellness and Lifestyle, Nutrigenomics, Pharmacogenetics (Drug Reaction) categories.

Dante Labs Wellness and Lifestyle Report

This report lists diseases that the customer is more likely to develop. The report summarizes the health conditions analyzed and highlights any high risk or medium risk conditions. The name of this reporting package is somewhat misleading because it actually contains many reports on severe, rare diseases caused by highly pathogenic variants.

Overview of tested conditions in the Wellness and Lifestyle report.
Overview of tested conditions in the Wellness and Lifestyle report. 

Dante Labs Pharmacogenetics Report

The report identifies genetic predispositions towards the failure of response to drugs or adverse reactions from the administration of the drug. One caveat with the pharmacogenetics report is that it is not available for customers in the United States. This is because the company has not complied with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

Dante Labs Nutrigenomics Report

This report helps the customer formulate a plan to optimize their diet and live a longer, more vibrant life. The report summarizes the effects of specific genetic variants on metabolism or eating behavior and advice on how to include different nutrients in the diet. There are different sections on macronutrients, micronutrients, eating habits, taste and reactions, and body weight.

Result in Dante Labs' Nutrigenomics report.
Result in Dante Labs’ Nutrigenomics report. 

Customized reports are available to patients who have a strong, justified interest for a specific condition or disease.

Additional DNA test reports and many genetic diseases are available for a price of $49 each. Those costs are not included in the price of the testing kit (e.g. $599 for whole genome sequencing). Many of these reports focus on specific disease categories such as cardiovascular, dermatology, endocrinology, neurology and autism.

Dante Labs report sampling
Dante Labs report sampling

The only way to receive all the reports is to purchase the “All Panels” package for an additional $499. Otherwise, each individual report costs $49. There are a total of 54 reports so if you are purchasing more than 10, the multi-pack is probably worth the money.

Each report focuses on a specific subset of health. Before you purchase the report, you are provided information such as what the report will analyze for and how many genes are analyzed.

Sample of what's included in a report
Components of a cardiovascular report

How to take a Dante Labs DNA Test Kit

You can order a DNA test kit from almost any country in the world. Once you receive your kit, you will follow instructions for performing a saliva spit test.

The test can be ordered online and comes with a kit ID number. This identifier is used as a future reference for reporting and other correspondence. The sample kit arrives in a box with a collection vial, instructions, and a return shipping label. The company requires a saliva sample and it is recommended to not eat, drink, smoke, brush teeth or chew gum for 30 minutes before collecting the sample. For younger children, a cheek swab kit can be requested by sending the company an email after placing the order. Before sending the samples back in the mail, the saliva collection kit needs to be registered online in Dante Labs Genome Manager. This is an online portal that allows the customer to access reports and Dante Labs raw data DNA files.

Review of Dante Labs Genome Analysis Subscription

Customers can also subscribe to receive updated versions of the reports every month. The bronze service is available for €4.99/month ($5.40/month). The silver service for €19.99/month ($21.61/month) and includes one additional credit towards a new report. The gold service costs €39.99/month ($43.24/month) and includes two additional credits towards new reports every month.

Dante Labs coupons are available from some third party sites.

Access to Dante Labs Raw Genetic Data

https://www.snpedia.com/The sequencing testing results are available for download. It includes FASTQ files, BAM files and VCF files. Customers can use their data with Promethease – Dante Labs data is compatible with this commercial literature retrieval system. The program creates a personal report of customer DNA based on scientific literature cited in SNPedia. Note, that BAM and FASTQ data files are very large so downloading them might not be possible with a slow internet connection.

2021 UPDATE: Dante Labs no longer gives customers the ability to download FASTQ or BAM files. Therefore, previous perks like Promethease Dante Labs integration is no longer available. Generally, customers are no longer able to use their results with many third party DNA analysis sites. VCF files are still available.

Privacy and Security

Dante Labs is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the UK Cyber Essentials. They will collect and use personal data to provide goods and services. This information will also be shared with research collaborators if the customer provides consent. To learn how third party applications use information, please review that third party’s privacy statement.

Dante Labs in the News

In early 2018, there were 5 reported cases of Dante Labs sending used kits to customers.

Also in 2018, the company announced the expansion of their WGS testing. Now, they offered analysis of Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) for advanced ability to detect and identify a range of neurological diseases. This was also around the time they started their DNA microarray test, which was discontinued in 2019. As whole genome sequencing becomes more affordable, it is believed that less rigorous methods will become obsolete. The company also discontinued whole exome sequencing tests, which are more expensive than DNA microarray tests, but only cover 1% of the genome.

Dante Labs Black Friday 2019 sale was one of the company’s largest discount ever, reducing their $499 DNA test to only $189.

In January 2020, they announced a partnership with BC Platforms, a world leader in genomic data management and analytics, to automate and streamline their genomic data management.

Later in 2020, they announced a program to support global scientific research on Coronavirus, offering free genome sequencing services to research projects on Coronavirus across the world. This is open to researchers, scientists, research organizations, and universities. You can learn more about at-home coronavirus tests in our review!

Dante Labs Pros and Cons


  • 30X Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Option for 130X at genes
  • Download Dante Labs raw data DNA files
  • In-house sequencing facility
  • Services available globally


  • Cost of additional reports can add up quickly
  • Reports of unresponsive customer service
  • Cheaper alternatives available

Dante Labs Reviews 

While reviews are mostly positive, many customers have complained that they received their DNA test kit, but that they either didn’t receive a return label or that there were major delays in receiving their results. Many customers have also complained about lackluster customer support when they contacted the company, with no responses with emails or any notifications of the progress of their sequencing.

The BBB currently ranks the company as an F as of 2021. This is largely due to the volume of complaints and failure on the company’s part to either respond to or resolve the complaints.

The company has only an email form for contacting purposes, although it does provide a phone number. There have been several cases of customer resequencing requests being ignored as well. They have responded to complaints, claiming that there have been no more delays since they opened their own sequencing laboratory.

In 2019, the company announced that they would offer their Whole Genome Sequencing for $299 and that it would include a full refund if results were not processed within 90 days of receiving the customer’s saliva sample at the lab.

Nebula Genomics

We finish our review with a comparison to Nebula Genomics and other DNA testing companies. Whole genome sequencing with Dante Labs costs $599 and the costs quickly add up because there are dozens of additional reports that cost $49 each. Nebula Genomics offers 30x for the most affordable price which includes full access to your genomic data, comprehensive reports in Nebula Research Library, and weekly updates. This access is powerful tool to start a life long journey of discovery. At Nebula Genomics, we believe the journey of learning about yourself through your DNA shouldn’t end with a one-time report! 

23andMeAncestryDNANebula GenomicsDante Labs
Price$99-199$99-149$0 – $299 (plus a subscription fee for weekly updates)$599 -1,399 (plus $49 for additional reports and a subscription fee)
Technologygenotypinggenotyping30x whole genome sequencing30x whole genome sequencing
Test reportsinglesingleweekly updates based on the latest scientific discoveriesadditional reports for a fee
Data explorationlimitedlimitedmultiple browser-based genome exploration toolsIGV genome browser
Free DNA data uploadNoNoYesNo
Ancestry analysisYesYesDeep ancestry analysis in partnership with FTDNANo
Dante Labs vs 23andMe vs AncestryDNA vs Nebula Genomics

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