24Genetics review – Ancestry, skin, and more in one?

24Genetics Review Summary

24Genetics offers a series of DNA tests to help patients understand their health and predisposition for disease. Learn more in our 24Genetics review!

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24Genetics offers a number of options to analyze your health, from Sports specific DNA testing to whole genome sequencing. The reports are comprehensive, with up to 250 pages of information. However, prices are often higher than those of other DNA testing companies, especially for whole genome sequencing.


7 Facts from our 24Genetics Review

  1. Location: Madrid, Spain
  2. Products: 24Genetics offers DNA testing for health, ancestry, pharmacogenomics, nutrigenetics, skincare, sport, and Whole Exome Sequencing. Customers can also upload raw DNA data from Ancestry.com, 23andMe, MyHeritage, FTDNA, and other sites
  3. Ordering: Patients can order an at-home DNA kit and only need to collect a saliva sample
  4. Consultation: Consultation services are not available
  5. Data: Patients can download their health data from their registered online space
  6. Cost: $149-$289
  7. Complimentary products: Nebula Genomics (Whole Genome Sequencing that can be used in consultation with a medical professional)

This review is written with the intent to be as unbiased as possible. However, it represents the opinion of an individual reviewer and is therefore subjective. Furthermore, at Nebula Genomics we seek to educate the public about the benefits of Whole Genome Sequencing. Information about our Whole Genome Sequencing DNA test is therefore incorporated into the review.

November 15, 2023

Pros And Cons


  • Uses well-known technology for better testing
  • Extensive options to choose from
  • Clients can read reports without the help of a doctor


  • Testing is narrow
  • Whole exome and whole genome sequencing are expensive
  • Genetic counseling is only available with the most expensive tests
  • No user reviews


24Genetics is a personal genetic testing company that offers a series of DNA tests to help patients understand their health and predisposition for conditions, including those that can be passed on to children. The company’s health test analyzes 700,000 genetic markers covering over 200 diseases, dozens of genetic predispositions to medication, and much more regarding overall health.

24Genetics homepage
24Genetics homepage

24Genetics was founded in Madrid, Spain, in 2016. It started as a biotechnology start-up and now operates in over 100 countries, with a large presence in Europe. It’s also popular in the United States, with a couple of locations and a headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

This company, which specializes in direct-to-consumer genetic tests delivered to customers’ homes, takes pride in the NCBI’s recognition of its tests. Its DNA products include ancestry, health, nutrigenetics, pharmacogenomics, sports, and skin care tests. The company’s ancestry DNA test covers more than 400 geographical areas and is one of the most detailed on the market.

The company provides its service to patients directly with its at-home test kits, which are extremely easy to use. Results are usually delivered within 24 hours of customer samples being received at the lab. The PDF report is usually available within 3-8 weeks.  

Did you know that by sequencing your whole genome, you can learn more about your risk for a wide range of diseases and conditions? This may help determine if additional services are right for you. Nebula Genomics offers affordable whole genome sequencing that decodes 100% of your genome. Click here to learn more!

Review of the Science Behind 24Genetics

24Genetics provides ancestry and health tests to help customers make better decisions about their healthcare. It states that it offers a complete genetic test in the form of its Health Test product (700,000 genetic markers) as well as options for whole exome sequencing (40 million markers) and whole genome sequencing (3 billion markers). 

The company’s ancestry test can show patients their DNA percentage in more than 600 regions, making it one of the most comprehensive genetic testing companies, as many others lag behind with only up to 50 regions. The company’s standard health test can provide information on 700,000 genetic markers and over 200 diseases.

With its customized and unique Illumina technology, the company ensures that DNA tests are performed precisely for a very affordable price without compromising quality.

Taking a 24Genetics Test

Users order their DNA extraction kit online and register it on the site. They will provide their email address, to which the company will send the reports.

Taking a 24Genetics test
Taking a 24Genetics test

The company provides a video on its website on how to properly collect DNA samples (either saliva or swab method). The tutorial is easy to follow and is not different from the general sample collection process.

Once the customer collects the sample, they return it to the lab using the return shipping instructions provided with the kit.

Review of 24Genetics Products

24Genetics offers patients comprehensive testing and results with its wellness and ancestry testing. It provides various separate reports as well as an all-in-one testing option. 

The company offers eight major products, each drawing patients closer to their DNA and how genes affect their lives, health, and personalities. The firm’s overall mission is to ensure that patients know more about themselves and their predisposition to certain types of diseases and health conditions.

The all-in-one test provides all eight reports with one saliva sample. Below is a list of the products the company offers.

DNA Health

This test is one of the most popular tests and is usually done to inform customers about their susceptibility to the most common diseases. Information includes genetic health risks, oncological mutations, carrier status, and genetic biological traits such as high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. 

Health DNA testing kit
Health DNA testing kit


24Genetics compare its genetic data against a vast DNA database with genomic markers from many places around the world. It can help patients trace their ancestral history through several generations. It goes deeper than most genetic testing firms as it compares DNA from more than 1500+ regions.


With the pharmacogenomics test, 24Genetics provides information on customers’ predispositions to various medications. With this DNA analysis, it can determine whether a client is predisposed to a drug that might be toxic or simply ineffective, among many more options. With this example of personalized medicine, customers can work with their doctors, who can prescribe the most effective and safe medications. 

Note: Not available in the United States.


This genetic test helps customers assess the best diet and nutrients that must be added into their foods for healthy development and immune system health. 24Genetics studies patients’ genes and allows them to create a daily plan that ensures that they get the best meal. This can be based on genetic factors such as how your body reacts or doesn’t react to certain nutrients and which vitamins and minerals your body absorbs poorly. 

DNA Sports

With this DNA sports test, 24Genetics provides the customer with a complete analysis of the fitness and exercise that fit their strength. The company helps customers design an appropriate training plan that brings out the best benefits of sports while reducing the potential for injury.

Sports DNA testing kit
Sports DNA testing kit


24Genetics analyzes genetics’ influence on skin characteristics such as hydration, elasticity, and antioxidant capacity, which play a key role in the skin aging process. The firm cites the fact that genes are responsible for 60% of the aging process, and a good test will go a long way to helping patients know what kind of skincare limits the effects of aging.


With this test, customers can have the oral microbiota of their mouth sequenced and analyzed. The microbiota can inform customers about their risk for diseases such as cavities and periodontitis. It is also less closely related to other conditions such as cancer.

The company performs this sequencing in a separate laboratory from its DNA testing.

Whole Exome Sequencing

Note: This product is no longer available on the company website.

Through the exome, the protein-coding section of the genome, 24Genetics accesses 85% of all useful data about a patient’s health in terms of its genetics. Exome sequencing is performed only once in a lifetime, as it does not change.

According to the company, patients can get any of the reports mentioned above with this test, and your data file will be ready for future reports based on new scientific discoveries. These customers also receive a Personality and Traits report, a report on a gene or pathology of interest, and a telephone genetic counseling consultation.

Whole Genome Sequencing

Note: This product is no longer available on the company website.

This test sequences all 3.2 billion bases in the human genome and is the most comprehensive DNA testing kit available. The company uses 30x whole genome sequencing to provide a complete picture of the genome, including health and trait aspects. Customers receive all of the reports and advantages in the exome sequencing kit as well as two 15-minute genetic counseling sessions. 

Review of 24Genetics Cost

The pricing and payment options for 24Genetics are based on the type of test ordered and generally increase with the amount of genome sequenced. 

The pricing for the at-home test kits is shown below:

  • Health DNA: $199 (free ancestry)
  • Ancestry: $149
  • Ancestry from raw data: $49
  • Pharmacogenetics Plus DNA Test: $199
  • Nutrigenetics DNA: $199 (free ancestry)
  • Nutrigenetics from raw data: $69
  • DNA sports: $199 (free ancestry included)
  • DNA sports from raw data: $69
  • DNA skincare: $199 (free ancestry)
  • DNA skincare from raw data: $69
  • Microbiota: $199
  • All-in-one: $399

Review of 24Genetics Reports

24Genetics offers specific reports when customers order a DNA test. These reports are provided as PDFs via email. Former 24Genetics customers only have to note they need a kit code in the comments of the order.

Clients can interpret the reports themselves without the help of a doctor. However, if there is any confusion, clients could meet with a doctor to help them read the report. 24Genetics results are not for clinical use, and its reports are for research, information, and educational purposes only. Reports are available in English, German, French, Italian, Polish, and Spanish.

Sample reports for all of the company’s services are available on the website. Additional information and a summary of each major report are provided below. 

Health Report

The Health report is thorough with over 250 pages for customers to review. It is divided into five sections: GWAS, Genetic Health Risk: mutations, Carrier status, Biomarkers, biometrics and traits, and Pharmacogenetics. For an overview, you can refer to the summary section, which lists the various genetic aspects or conditions tested for and uses a color-coded system to flag the results of interest.

24Genetics sample health report summary
24Genetics sample health report summary

After the summary, each genetic result is broken down in detail with the following information:

24Genetics sample health report details
24Genetics sample health report details

Pharmacogenomics, Nutrigenetics, Sports, and Skin reports

The Pharmacogenomics, Nutrigenetics, Sports, and Skin reports are organized in the same way as the Health Report. They are shorter (30-50 pages) since they focus more on certain aspects, like vitamin and mineral metabolism. 

The Pharmacogenetics report describes how patients may respond to different medications, such as specific blood thinners and antidepressants. Nutrigenetics will tell you how predisposed you are to nutritional intakes such as how likely you are to have an appetite for carbohydrates and how well your body absorbs specific vitamins and minerals. The Sports report focuses on things like power, resistance, and aerobic capacity, while the Skin report will give information on things like dermal sensitivity and acne


With the 24Genetics Ancestry report, customers can receive information about their lineage from over 1500 regions. The reports are broken down into global, country, and region percentages. So, even after discovering your country’s origins, you can explore more information, such as North East England (Europe) and Alaska Native (North America).

24Genetics sample country-wide ancestry analysis
24Genetics sample country-wide ancestry analysis

Review of 24Genetics Privacy

24Genetics focuses on privacy and ensures customer data is not compromised. Based on that ground, the firm has several outlined binding rules on privacy protection and provides that clients can file a complaint to the company if they feel there has been a breach of these rules.

One of these rules is that it does not store patients’ data online, which would have left it exposed in the event of hacking.

Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics is a 30x Whole Genome Sequencing company that provides the most comprehensive analysis of your autosomal DNA for the most affordable price. Additionally, with Nebula Genomics, you can upload your raw DNA data from other DNA testing companies and have it expanded and reanalyzed for free!

The individual reports from 24Genetics are insightful but might not capture your most relevant health concerns, especially as more research is performed and more information in the genetic field is learned. Nebula provides weekly updated reports based on the latest research, ensuring that your genetic data continues to provide more relevant information for you. 

We believe customers own their genetic data and should have full access to discovery. With DNA exploration tools, you can return to your genetic information whenever you like and ask additional questions. 

24GeneticsNebula Genomics
DNA testing methodsMicroarray, whole exome sequencing, and whole genome sequencing 30x whole genome sequencing
Interpretation of resultsCustomers can interpret the results themselvesCustomers can interpret the results themselves
Ancestry reportingYesYes; deep ancestry reporting with the complete Y chromosome and mtDNA sequencing
Data accessUsers can access raw DNA dataYes
Upload raw DNAYes ($49-$69)Yes (free)
Cost$49 – $1999$0, $99, $299

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Other companies

This company offers a variety of tests for different inquiries. Other companies with different testing options include:

  • Chronomics (wellness and epigenetic tests)
  • Dynamic DNA Labs (at-home tests for health, ancestry, skin, personality, and more)
  • HealthCodes DNA (custom plans for wellness, nutrition, and fitness)
  • Genebase (genetic tests for lifestyle, health, disease, traits, behavior, and ancestry)
  • GenebyGene (diagnostics, ancestry, and special services for forensics and scientists)
  • GenePlanet (European testing company for lifestyle, ancestry, and health)
  • Genes for Good (research project with health surveys)
  • Genovate (relationship, health, fitness, and ancestry tests)
  • Mapmygenome (genetics, diagnostics, and Indian ancestry)
  • MiaDNA (health, wellness, traits, and fitness for adults and children)
  • Muhdo (genetic predispositions and epigenetics)
  • PerkinElmer Genomics (WES, WGS, newborn screening, and more)
  • Toolbox Genomics (various DNA, epigenetics, and health tests)

Other companies that offer these types of tests include:


Diet and Fitness

  • Athletigen (free upload and basic report; additional tests and reports available at an additional cost)
  • DNAFit (in partnership with CircleDNA)
  • DNACode (fitness & nutrition, skin, and ancestry options)
  • dnaPower (health and wellness DNA testing for diet, exercise, brain health, and more)
  • Genopalate (data upload and DNA testing kit)
  • Fitness Genes (data upload and DNA testing kits)
  • Vitagene (diet and health)


  • 4U Health (allergies, sensitivities, pharmacogenetics, and drug tests)
  • ClarityX DNA (pharmacogenetics for mental health and other conditions)
  • GeneSight (clinical genomic test for psychotropics)
  • GeneTrait Laboratories (pharmacogenetics for a variety of health conditions)
  • Genomind (pharmacogenomic testing for mental health treatment)
  • Inagene (pharmacogenetic testing for mental health and other conditions)
  • Incite Health (pharmacogenetics for mental health treatments)
  • myDNA (personalized fitness, diet, and medication plans)
  • Patients Choice Direct (evaluates 35 genes for over 180 medications)

Whole Exome Sequencing

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