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Genetic Genie is a free tool that examines your DNA data for mutations that have been linked to various diseases. Learn more in our Genetic Genie review!

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Genetic Genie is a free DNA data analysis service that provides comprehensive health reporting.


7 Facts from our Genetic Genie Review

  1. Location: United States
  2. Products: DNA data upload for health reporting
  3. Reports: Very detailed on disease risks based on variant databases
  4. Result delivery: Through the Genetic Genie website after upload
  5. Privacy: Data deleted automatically after 24 hours
  6. Cost: Free
  7. Alternatives: Nebula Genomics (free DNA upload and reporting based on latest scientific discoveries)

This review is written with the intent to be as unbiased as possible. However, it represents the opinion of an individual reviewer and is therefore subjective. Furthermore, at Nebula Genomics we seek to educate the public about the benefits of Whole Genome Sequencing. Information about our Whole Genome Sequencing DNA test is therefore incorporated into the review.

August 1, 2022

Edited by Christina Swords, Ph.D.

Pros and Cons


  • Free to use
  • Comprehensive health reporting
  • Transparent about sources for information
  • Focus on privacy


  • Users have concerns about the clarity of results
  • News reports suggest that some of the reporting, like the methylation panel, may promote the use of unproven dietary supplements.


Genetic Genie is a free DNA data analysis service that launched in 2012. It was created by Kyle, a patient living with a chronic illness (myalgic encephalomyelitis, or chronic fatigue syndrome). 

His condition inspired him to dive into the genomic connections between DNA and diseases. Kyle maintains the company to this day, offering multiple DNA data interpretations and analysis products. 

Genetic Genie operates based on donations and funding through partnerships to maintain its service for users. 

The company does not offer DNA sample submission for genome sequencing, paternity testing, or ancestry analysis. All of the products are centered around public health and wellness analyses (DNA health reports). Users are not asked to share their email address, name, or any other personal information.

Looking for reliable and complete DNA data to upload to Genetic Genie? Nebula Genomics offers a highly affordable Whole Genome Sequencing that decodes 100% of your DNA! This enables comprehensive and accurate reporting for health and ancestry. Everything you need to know by clicking here!

Genetic Genie Products

Genetic Genie offers multiple DNA health report products free of charge. It is designed to be compatible with raw data files from other providers such as Nebula Genomics, 23andMe, and AncestryDNA.

GenVue Discovery: This is the primary product. The genomic research tool GenVue Discovery is designed to “make it easy for anyone” to learn about their DNA variants. More specifically, GenVue Discovery’s user interface points out how users’ DNA relates to health conditions and diseases. It also offers “panels” that focus on specific DNA health report information.

Methylation Cycle Panel: This report looks at imported raw DNA and analyzes how the DNA chemistry has been modified and what that means. This “epigenetic” information is essential. It relates to how a user’s genes are expressed and can reflect different environmental and health stressors.

Detox Profile: Genetic Genie also assesses single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in detox enzymes. SNPs are small mutations in your genetic code. Some SNPs have no effect on health, while other can have big effects. Whole-genome sequencing, such as the service offered by Nebula Genomics, gives customers the data for these health report results.

Reporting Accuracy: In the Genetic Genie FAQ section, the service addresses questions about its DNA report accuracy. The primary issue is the DNA sequence completeness.

Consumer DNA sequencing companies like Ancestry and 23andMe record only a small amount of the genome. If using the Genetic Genie test with data from these services, users cannot get a complete picture of their health data.

How to use Genetic Genie

With Genetic Genie’s free service, all you have to do is upload your raw DNA data and you will get your results within minutes. The following are compatible genetic raw data file formats listed for import:

“23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, FTDNA (Family Tree DNA), Living DNA, HomeDNA, Genes for Good, WeGene (China), 23Mofang (China) raw data file or Whole Genome Sequence or Whole Exome Sequence (WGS/WES) VCF file.”

As stated before, the process takes just a few minutes, depending on the file size. The company does not ask for any personal information. Simply upload various raw DNA file types. (e.g., 23andMe data, AncestryDNA, VCF, etc.)

Review of Genetic Genie Reports

Review of GenVue Discovery

This is the service’s flagship DNA health reporting product. It offers a very detailed user interface with many options. GenVue Discovery scans uploaded DNA genome data to identify important variants. It then compares that variant data to databases on genomic health research to provide the following information: 

  • Genetic conditions
  • Drug response
  • Other risks
  • Rare mutations
  • Uncommon mutations
Screenshot of a Genetic Genie report explaining conditions reviewed by experts: age-related macular degeneration and basal laminar drusen
View of Genetic Genie GenVue results

Genetic Genie’s GenVue Discovery shows health and genetic information corresponding to each gene variant in a user’s DNA file. While interpreting Genetic Genie results, it’s important to note that some of this health information is clinically relevant while others are not conclusive or too important. 

GenVue offers a user-friendly “curation” feature (top right in the above image) that narrows the complete list down to conditions that may be more clinically relevant. There is also a filter option to search for specific genes or conditions.

One significant aspect of this product is that it is full of references. Users can follow the links to peer-reviewed publications and databases to learn more about their genetic health risks. 

Some genetic conditions are very well researched, providing a lot of scientific knowledge. If an associated genetic variant is found in the user’s genome, the result shows a banner emphasizing its importance (e.g. pathogenic variants):

Snippet describing a variant of high clinical importance and likely pathogenic
GenVue highlights particularly important findings.

This tool can be helpful for consumers who want to explore their DNA genome sequencing results. It can also be useful for medical researchers or students learning about genetic conditions, diseases, and genomic health reports.

Review of Genetic Genie Methylation Panel

Here you can upload your raw data and receive access to a free methylation report. 

The guide explains the meaning of the methylation panel and the meaning of each gene and variation. All of the genome analysis information relates to a user’s health.

For example, Genetic Genie examines imported genetic data for variants and genetic mutations in the MTHFR gene. The MTHFR C677T mutation is common in some populations. Often it’s even homozygous, which means that an individual inherited it from both parents.

When this mutation occurs, the MTHFR enzyme is less capable of doing its job. The company suggests this mutation may play a role in “autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS,” and other health conditions. However, the clinical importance of this and other MTHFR mutations is a point of debate.

Genetic Genie table with four columns describing 14 genes & variations, rsID, alleles, and result
Genetic Genie sample report for the methylation panel

New variants continue to be added, such as MAO A R297R.

Review of Genetic Genie Detox Panel

The detox profile panel provides health test information in a similar fashion as the methylation analysis. DNA analysis results are shown in a Genetic Genie detox profile interpretation table of color-coded mutations. In this case, however, it does not provide a guide to the different genes and variations. 

According to the website, it is possible that this panel may currently be a work in progress. Still, users can locate the SNPs from their genome sequencing data and search on different websites for what they mean. The following variants are analyzed:

Genetic Genie table with four columns describing 22 genes & variations, rsID, alleles, and result
Genetic Genie sample detox panel report

Review of Genetic Genie Privacy

The company offers a detailed Privacy Policy for its free service. It test collects cookies, log files, web beacons, tags, and pixels as users browse the site. 

Is Genetic Genie safe? According to the company, any uploaded data is automatically deleted from servers within 24 hours. However, the site also states: 

“We may occasionally look at data for the purposes of improving this service.”

Genetic Genie in the News

Stories in The Atlantic and Science News have mentioned Genetic Genie. They cite it’s willingness to report full health information not reported by other services. Many larger companies offering DNA health reporting services have chosen to omit results with less clinical relevance. 

Genetic Genie Reviews

On Facebook, the company has 3 reviews from 2018-2020 that give it 5 stars. The reviewers note that the service is helpful for learning more about their DNA not covered in other reports. 

There are not many other public reviews from customers online. Some older Reddit threads discuss topics such as advice on how to interpret test results and how to use dietary supplements based on these results. 

Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics stands out among other genetic testing companies and health reporting services. We prioritize privacy, use advanced testing technology, and deliver highly comprehensive reporting. 

Your privacy is central

At Nebula Genomics, we understand that your genomic data is sensitive, personal, and irreplaceable. We know there are privacy risks to sharing this data, and we take those risks very seriously. 

We have built and are continuing to improve the first privacy-focused personal genomics service. We do away with all of the middlemen between you and the third-party customers interested in your data. You have control over sharing your data and being compensated. You can read more about the importance of DNA privacy.

Nebula Expand

Do you have DNA test results from other sites like Ancestry or 23andMe? Upload the DNA testing data to Nebula to learn even more with the free Nebula Genomics expanded report

This expanded report uses statistical models to fill in the blanks left behind by typical microarray-based DNA genotyping tests. Unlike Genetic Genie, we focus on polygenic scores that combine information from many genetic variants to make predictions. 

We also enable our users to stay up to date with relevant scientific discoveries. Our service gives you access to the latest research, curated to your genomic data, through the Nebula Research Library. We provide all of the information you need to figure out what this research means to you and your DNA.

Whole-Genome Sequencing

With our new 30x Whole-Genome Sequencing service, we determine 100% of your DNA and report our analysis directly to you. This is the exact sort of test that reporting services like Genetic Genie recommend. As a result, you get 10,000 times more data than with other services, which only read 0.01% of your genome! 

Here is how Nebula compares with other testing and reporting services.

23andMeAncestryGenetic GenieNebula Genomics
Type of genetic testMicroarray-based genotyping Microarray-based genotypingNo DNA testing. Produces health reports based on imported DNA dataWhole-Genome Sequencing (30x coverage)
Produced data~ 600,000 positions in the genome~ 700,000 positions in the genomeN/A~ 3,000,000,000 positions in the genome
Compatible with other sitesCan export data and use elsewhereCan export data and use elsewhereAccepts all typical DNA testing data (e.g. 23andMe raw data, Ancestry raw data, Nebula Genomics raw data)Can export data and use elsewhere or upload data from 23andMe / Ancestry to fill in gaps
Genome health reportLimitedLimitedReports on many conditions and transparently references sources. However, results can be confusing to some usersFull access to 30x full genome data and library of the latest research 
Target customerConsumers interested in basic at-home genetic testingConsumers interested in basic at-home genetic testingConsumers and enthusiasts interested in genetics and healthConsumers and enthusiasts interested in whole-genome sequencing and research
Ancestry reportingYesYesNoDeep ancestry reporting with full Y chromosome and mtDNA sequencing
Focus on privacyNoNoYesYes (learn more)
Cost$99 or $199$99 or $119Free$0, $99, $299

 Other companies

Other DNA upload sites you might want to explore are:


  • Ancient DNA Origins (DNA upload for comparison against ancient civilizations)
  • DNA Land (free DNA upload for trait and ancestry analysis)
  • DNA Painter (for genealogy – the first one is free and subscriptions are available for others)
  • GedMatch Genesis (free DNA upload and paid advanced options)
  • Living DNA (free upload for ancestry)
  • MyHeritage (free upload for genealogy)
  • MyTrueAncestry (free upload to learn your connection to ancient populations)
  • WeGene (a focus on Asian populations, cost of reports)


If you have whole genome sequencing data, take a look at YFull.

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