Inflammation Markers in the Blood (Ligthart, 2018)

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STUDY TITLE: Genome Analyses of >200,000 Individuals Identify 58 Loci for Chronic Inflammation and Highlight Pathways that Link Inflammation and Complex Disorders

SUMMARY: Identification of 58 genetic variants associated with the blood levels of C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation.

OVERVIEW:  Inflammation is a defense mechanism our body induces as a response to infections. However, chronic presentations of the condition have been associated with many diseases including type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Inflammation can be assessed by measuring the levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) in the blood which are typically increased if there is inflammation in the body. To identify genetic variants associated with CRP levels and therefore inflammation-related disorders, this genome-wide association study examined over 200,000 individuals of European ancestry. The study discovered 58 novel genetic variants, many of which are near genes involved in immune system pathways and metabolic processes in the liver.

DID YOU KNOW? To reduce prevalence of this condition, eat plenty of anti-inflammatory foods, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, and reduce stress levels. [SOURCE]

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INFLAMMATION-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs2794520, rs4420638, rs7310409, rs1805096, rs4129267, rs1260326, rs13409371, rs2836878, rs4841132, rs13233571, rs1800961, rs10521222, rs10925027, rs10778215, rs1558902, rs2239222, rs9271608, rs340005, rs2064009, rs10512597, rs11108056, rs6001193, rs1880241, rs1736060, rs2293476, rs10838687, rs1490384, rs10832027, rs469772, rs2852151, rs9385532, rs1441169, rs9284725, rs12995480, rs112635299, rs687339, rs12202641, rs4092465, rs75460349, rs4246598, rs2315008, rs2352975, rs643434, rs12960928, rs1051338, rs1582763, rs1514895, rs1189402, rs7121935, rs17658229, rs2710804, rs9611441, rs2891677, rs4774590, rs178810, rs7795281

Inflammatory Response (Video)

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