Perfect Body DNA – Can a tailored book help you lose weight?

Perfect Body DNA Review Summary

Perfect Body DNA uses your provided health information to create a personalized book tailored to your health needs. Learn more in our Perfect Body DNA review!

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Some customers enjoy the concept of a personalized book to help them with diet and fitness goals. While it is typically more affordable than nutritionist, it is more expensive than similar book products. Some customers don’t think it is personalized enough.


This review is written with the intent to be as unbiased as possible. However, it represents the opinion of an individual reviewer and is therefore subjective. Furthermore, at Nebula Genomics we seek to educate the public about the benefits of Whole Genome Sequencing. Information about our Whole Genome Sequencing DNA test is therefore incorporated into the review.

April 9, 2020

Edited by Christina Swords, PhD

7 Facts from our Perfect Body DNA Review

  1. Location: Vilnius, Lithuania 
  2. Product: After answering a 5-min quiz, the site’s algorithm creates a book based on your demographics, dietary habits, allergies, physical conditions, and goals. This book can be purchased as an ebook and/or hard copy mailed to you.  
  3. Costs: The ebook alone costs $39.99, and ordering both the ebook and hardcover book costs $64.99
  4. How to Order: You can order their products through their website only as this is made based on your answers to the quiz questions. 
  5. How it Works: After you answer the questions, you can customize the book’s color and add your name. After that, you are presented with the purchase options to make your order. The ebook should arrive at the provided email address within 48 hours, and the hardcover will be 1-2 weeks.  
  6. Who can take this: Anyone wanting to have a healthier lifestyle can apply for this program. 
  7. Complementary products: Nebula Genomics decodes your genetic composition to help you decide which diet plans are better suited for your unique body. Before getting into any dietary program like Beyond Body, learn about your “DNA book” and how well your body will respond. 

Perfect Body DNA Introduction

In this Perfect Body DNA review, we will look at this program that promises to tailor a book personalized for your health goals. We have to mention, though, that the company recently changed its name to Beyond Body. It is still the same program, but with additional upgrades. 

Perfect Body DNA is produced by 28 Days, a company owned by Perfect Wellness Solutions UAB, located in Vilnius, Lithuania. The product is a book tailored to your fitness and health needs based on your answers to a quiz you participate in before ordering it. 

The Perfect Body DNA book
The Perfect Body DNA book

These fully personalized weight loss books include a 28-day personalized meal plan with ingredients found at home but with the flexibility of alternatives. Unique daily routines with illustrations get the user into a whole fitness plan. Overall, this book aims to help guide individuals through their personal weight loss journey.

The focus of the program is to coach you on how to eat and live well. In this regard, you get lessons, a fitness plan, and other helpful content. The main claim of Perfect Body DNA is that they can get you an entirely personalized weight loss plan with 99% of the content “created exclusively just for you.”

Weight-loss programs out there are often created as one-size-fits-all. They do not adjust to personal needs, health conditions, dietary preferences, or physical abilities. Beyond Body presents itself as a unique solution.  

Who should invest in this book
Who should invest in the Perfect Body DNA book

Anyone can access the book simply by going to their website, answering a quiz about your diet and health habits, demographics, current weight, and weight-loss goals. After you order, within 24 hours, you should receive a digital copy of the book. If you request a hard copy, this will be mailed to your shipping address in 8-14 business days.

According to how it is marketed, this product is the result of 5 years of study creating the ideal quiz. The Perfect Body DNA diet book as an ebook is $40. For an extra $40, you will receive a Perfect Body DNA physical book at your doorstep.

The Science Behind Perfect Body DNA

Before ordering your ebook, you should take a quiz that asks questions about several aspects of your demographic, physical state, dietary habits, preferences, and weight-loss goals. 28 Days claims that the book is constructed, at the spot through what we can only think is an algorithm, as you are answering questions.

Review of Perfect Body DNA Book: Is it worth it?

One strong point that 28 Days makes is that this customized dietary and fitness plan’s overall cost is much cheaper than hiring a nutritionist. This point alone seems to make it worthwhile. But does the book actually live up to their promise? Is Perfect Body DNA really a solution to cookie-cutter fitness plans?

A sample of the Perfect Body DNA book
A sample of the Perfect Body DNA book

How does Perfect Body DNA work?

Joining the program is easy. All you have to do is get started by selecting your gender. You are given the option to select among six common problem areas in your body. You have to choose at least one, and you may choose all of them. We ran this quiz once as female and once as male. 

Then, the following questions collect your health habits and possible health conditions. They do not ask for detailed medical history. Once this personal information has been entered, you get a message on the benefits of having a fully personalized book like Beyond Body.

A section of the Perfect Body DNA quiz
A section of the Perfect Body DNA quiz

The next part of the quiz has to do with your dietary habits. The questions will collect information regarding these food preferences:

  • Pork
  • Beek
  • Poultry (turkey and chicken)
  • Veggies
  • Starch

To better help tailor your recipes, the quiz will also ask about your food allergies and some other info on your lunch/work habits. After all the information above has been entered, you get a message that seems customized, but it may be misleading as you will mostly get the same one regardless of your choices.

Next, the following questions ask you about your physical condition, health, and how much you exercise.

The section of the Perfect Body DNA test that focuses on finesses
The section of the Perfect Body DNA test that focuses on finesses

After answering a couple more questions about your routine physical activity, you get a message about why this book will work. Once again, we took this quiz twice, and both delivered the same response:

A sample result from Perfect Body DNA
A sample result from Perfect Body DNA

Based on those quiz results, you may assume that this is the message everybody gets, or perhaps our answers to the quiz questions were not that different.

Next, you get to customize your book cover a little and add your age, height, weight, and goals. Your book is now ready and, if you order, you get the promise of an ebook within the following 24 hours. By following the guidance provided in this book, you are empowered to build healthy habits and live well.

Review of Perfect Body DNA Book Cost

When you compare this book’s cost to that of a personal dietary and exercise coach, you are generally saving money. However, many customers have expressed confusion about what you are paying for and how much. 

Purchasing both the hardcover book and E-book will cost you $65, whereas the Perfect Body DNA book price for an e-book is only $40. 

This is not specified anywhere we could find, but if you later decide to take the hard copy only, you will probably have to pay a total $40 price. 

Is Perfect Body DNA Safe?

This book contains recipes, exercise routines, and information on how to stay healthier, purportedly based on the response to your questions. Perhaps the unsafe part would be mostly related to how well the book was able to pick up on your allergies (removing these products from your recipes) or on your physical activity condition (by properly scaffolding routines).

In any case, you should always consult with your physician before engaging in a diet and fitness/exercise routine. This ensures you will receive the proper nutritional requirements throughout. The company claims that the recipes come with alternative options if you find an ingredient that you either don’t like or are allergic to. 

Review of Perfect Body DNA Privacy

Beyond Body DNA is made by a company based in Vilnius, Lithuania, named Perfect Wellness Solutions. The privacy policy note includes the company’s contact information and email.

When you first visit the website, you are given the option to accept or decline cookies, which will collect your navigation information. The site will process data such as IP address, geographic location, operating system, browser type, and location data if you decide to share it. 

Since you input information into Beyond Body’s website, this information is stored within their servers with your email protected. This data may be used to subscribe you to monthly newsletters and email messages. You may decline any of these services any time you wish.

When you input information per the quiz you answered and identify yourself, Beyond Body can share this data with any member of their group of companies, insurers and/or professional advisors, payment service providers, and other service providers. This data may also be disclosed if required by legal services.

Perfect Body DNA in the News

This program does not seem to have enough press at the moment. It has made some headlines on a couple of websites. 

Best Home Workouts (2021) Top Fitness Exercise Plan Programs is an Observer Content Studio that places the company as a top option for home workout programs. 

Nutritionists Release New Wellness Book – Beyond Body – that Integrates Analytics into a Personalized Nutrition, Exercise and Mental Health Programs was a press release on March 18 this year.

Other Perfect Body DNA Reviews

Most 28 days Perfect Body DNA reviews are pretty mixed, with some users highly recommending the wonders of a personalized program. These customers tend to be pleased with their weight loss results. Others providing Perfect Body DNA book reviews claim that the product is a scam, with little to no personalized value. Additionally, there is always the usual complaint against customer service and customer support.

A positive Perfect Body DNA review
A positive Perfect Body DNA review
A negative review
A negative Perfect Body DNA review

The last months have seen some customers not getting their hardback books in the timeframe announced by the company.

Perfect Body DNA Pros and Cons


  • You get the option of getting an ebook, physical book, or both
  • No subscriptions; one-time payment
  • Includes a variety of choices and meal ideas. They have flexible options, alternatives and substitutes
  • The book includes personalized educational content on healthier habits and motivation for tremendous success
  • Offers online coaching for a low price
  • You can keep track of success through the PerfectBody Assistant App


  • Does not include a grocery list
  • Only pictures, no workout videos
  • No way of keeping track within the ebook
  • There is no complete list of meal recipes
  • Some customers question how customized it is

Nebula Genomics

At Nebula Genomics, we know about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. This is why we offer an accurate way of helping you discover what kinds of health plans will work for you or not based on your genetic composition. 

Our 30x Whole Genome Sequencing decodes 100% of your genome, while other companies only decode a fraction of it. This methodology increases your chances of getting better results of what you need for a healthier life. With our weekly updated reports, you can stay up to date with the latest genetic studies and discover how they relate to your personalized genetic makeup. 

If you would like to know more about how genetic variants are associated with dietary habits, take a look at this piece on dietary habits. You can also read about food addiction and how your genes are correlated to it. 

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