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Sun Genomics Floré focuses on the gut microbiome and personalized probiotic formulas. Learn more in our Sun Genomics review!

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Sun Genomics offers gut microbiome testing for all ages from infants to adults. Customer reviews are generally positive although this product is more expensive than its competitors.


This review is written with the intent to be as unbiased as possible. However, it represents the opinion of an individual reviewer and is therefore subjective. Furthermore, at Nebula Genomics we seek to educate the public about the benefits of Whole Genome Sequencing. Information about our Whole Genome Sequencing DNA test is therefore incorporated into the review.

January 8, 2021

Edited by Christina Swords, Ph.D.

7 Facts about from our Sun Genomics Review

  1. Floré location: San Diego CA, USA
  2. Products: Gut microbiome testing, custom formulated probiotic supplements
  3. How it works: Customers take a gut microbiome test and receive probiotic recommendations
  4. Ordering: Gut test and supplements can be ordered at
  5. Reports: Reports available through their app which includes diet and recipe tips
  6. Floré Cost: Gut Health Test ($119), Supplements ($225 per 3 months, less for subscribers)
  7. Complementary products: Nebula Genomics (whole genome sequencing for $299)

Sun Genomics Introduction

This is a review of Sun Genomics, a direct-to-consumer probiotic and gut health company. The founder of Sun Genomics Sunny Jain started the company in 2016 to advocate for health through personalized science. Frustrated by the one size fits all probiotic supplements available in pharmacies and supermarkets, Sunny created a consumer custom probiotics gut microbiome testing startup that could offer personalized probiotic solutions to consumers. Sun Genomics has launched medical and scientific products. The flagship health product of Sun Genomics Inc. is a consumer product: Floré. It focuses on the gut microbiome and personalized probiotic formulas. Sun Genomics claims that it is a first-of-its-kind, customized probiotics startup.

Floré by Sun Genomics is one of several companies in the probiotics market offering personalized probiotic supplements. 

By sequencing the organisms contained in the customer’s submitted stool samples, the company identifies the customer’s unique gut microbiome and provides personalized recommendations.

Floré distinguishes itself in this market by being one of the only custom probiotic supplements with Kids, Tots, and Baby testing and formulations. 

Sun Genomics Floré kit for kids.
Sun Genomics Floré kit for kids.

Floré collaborates with Arizona State University to study the connection between Autism/Asperger’s syndrome. One of their products (Floré Research Edition) is designed to help collect data for research while also improving customer’s gut health.

In the summer of 2020, Sun Genomics raised a series A funding round led by Pangaea Ventures with additional investments from Danone Manifesto Ventures, SOSV, Human Longevity, and Nascita Ventures.

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Review of Sun Genomics Products

Floré by Sun Genomics is first and foremost a provider of probiotic supplements. Floré provides standalone microbiome testing and an app to quantify consumer’s gut health, but the real value is in the Sun Genomics customized probiotic system. 

Custom Probiotic System and Gut Testing

Testing and custom supplement programs come in four different formats based on age:

ProductAgesIncludesSupplementsPrice (One-Time / Subscription)
Floré Adults(1 month)13+Gut testing, probiotics (1 month)One-a-day pills$119
Floré Baby(3 months)0-1Gut testing, probiotics (3 months)Powder, reduced concentration$234 / $189.90
Floré Tots1-3Gut testing, probiotics (3 months)Powder, reduced concentration$234 / $189.90
Floré Kids(3 months)4-12Gut testing, probiotics (3 months)Powder, reduced concentration$234 / $189.90

Customers can have their gut tested without committing to the supplements for $175. If they choose, they can order customized probiotics later. 

Sun Genomics Floré probiotics come in an attractive bamboo case. It can be stored unrefrigerated in this container for 30 days.
Sun Genomics Floré probiotics come in an attractive bamboo case. It can be stored unrefrigerated in this container for 30 days. 

Sun Genomics Standalone Products

After the first three months, Floré recommends re-testing so that they can create a new formula for you. However, if you are satisfied with your existing formula, you can re-order another three month supply. Floré also sells a standard formula for immune system improvement which includes vitamins, probiotics, and other ingredients. These products are summarized below:

ProductIncludesPrice (One-time / Subscribe)
Floré Precision Probiotic Refills3 months of probiotic supplements (must already have a Floré formula)$225 / $150.75
Floré Defense1 month of vitamin and probiotic supplements$69
Three months of supplements provided through the refill product. A single three-month refill costs $225 while a subscription costs $155 per 3-month cycle.
Three months of supplements provided through the refill product. A single three-month refill costs $225 while a subscription costs $155 per 3-month cycle.

Floré Research Edition 

Finally, Floré offers a Research Edition in conjunction with Arizona State University for those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Customers must meet the following criteria to participate:

  • Participant must be clinically diagnosed with ASD by a medical professional (and provide official documents)
  • Participant must have not taken antibiotics in last 2 months
  • Participant must not have had any changes in medications, nutritional supplements, therapies, in the last two months, or any plans to change them during the first 3 months of probiotic treatment.

The Research Edition costs $350 for three months. Participants are asked to participate for 6 months. During this time, they will submit samples twice (three months apart), and receive daily probiotic supplements.

Review of the Sun Genomics Science

Many researchers are working to understand the connection between the bacteria in the gut and human health. However, microbiome research is extremely complicated and there are still many unanswered questions

There is solid evidence showing that probiotic supplements can help balance a person’s microbiome by introducing good bacteria into the gut. Evidence shows this could help with digestive health, improve the immune system, and even help with mental health. However, there are still a lot of things we don’t know about the microbiome and using probiotic supplements. Below is a quick review of what is known and what needs more research, published in the British Medical Journal in 2018.

What we knowWhat we don’t know
Probiotic supplements can be beneficial to human healthGut microbes affect metabolismDiet and medication strongly affect microbesMicrobiome composition influences response to chemotherapy, immunotherapy and glucose responseAre food-based probiotics better than supplements?Should probiotics be taken as a preventative measure?

Review of Sun Genomics Gut Health Test

Floré performs whole genome sequencing (WGS) of bacterial DNA contained in your sample. This analysis tests the entire genome sequence and is similar to what we do at Nebula Genomics

Review of Sun Genomics Floré Precision Probiotic Supplements

Many companies offer probiotic supplements, often in the form of oral pills. This method is a convenient way for most people to take many supplements, but this is not necessarily true for probiotics.

Probiotics supplements are essentially collections of helpful gut bacteria. When taking a supplement, the bacteria is meant to pass through the stomach and into the gut and intestinal tract. As we described in our Thryve review, since probiotic supplements contain living bacteria, this task is not so simple and is an active area of research

Floré’s adult probiotic supplements come in standard pill-form. However, the probiotic supplements designed for Kids, Tots, and Babies are powdered and can be dissolved into drinks. In traditional adult formulations, living bacteria are delicate and stomach acid may kill much of the helpful bacteria before they enter the gut. However, the powdered formula for babies and children are expected to easily survive the digestive tract tsince their stomachs are not as acidic as adults.

Another issue some probiotic supplements have is shelf-life. Since the FDA does not regulate these sorts of products, it is hard to know the quality and quantity of living bacteria within a supplement. Floré ships their supplements in a temperature controlled package. It is recommended that supplements be kept cool (though Floré claims their supplements can survive 30 days with no refrigeration). This may not be the case with the powdered supplements. 

The powdered supplement also comes in the attractive bamboo container. This one was crafted for Vanessa, who is presumably a “baby, tot, or kid”. The powdered supplements have a reduced concentration of probiotics.
The powdered supplement also comes in the attractive bamboo container. This one was crafted for Vanessa, who is presumably a “baby, tot, or kid”. The powdered supplements have a reduced concentration of probiotics.  

Floré advertises that the probiotics in powder form are “lyophilized”, which is a type of freeze-drying technique for long-term storage of bacteria. The details of their technique are not shared, but it is worth noting that in many cases, freeze-dried bacteria have a long shelf-life when kept refrigerated. They can, however, die within a week at room temperature.

There is often a stigma attached to health supplements. Because they are not regulated by the FDA, there is generally very little oversight regarding how they are produced and what they contain. Also, producers of supplements are not necessarily held accountable for their claims. For this reason it is recommended that consumers be careful with which producers they choose to trust.

Review of Sun Genomics Test Process

The Floré process is similar to other microbiome testing companies. First, customers register their kit online. This makes sure Floré is able to connect you with your results and custom probiotics. 

Next, customers obtain their fecal sample. Detailed instructions are included in the kit. Floré also provides a helpful how-to video (there is a special video for the Research Edition).

Completing a Sun Genomics gut health test is simple with the provided instructions.
Completing a Sun Genomics test for gut health issues is simple with the provided instructions.

Completing a gut health test is simple, and Floré includes instructions on how to do it.

Once customers obtain their stool sample, they mail it to Floré using the included return packaging. After 6-8 weeks, Floré will share the results of the gut test with customers on their app and web portal. 

Flore packaging and mobile application

The results customers receive include several gut health scores, information about the microbes found in the sample, recipes, and diet recommendations. The gut health scores compare the customer’s microbiome to what Floré considers a healthy and diverses microbiome. It is worth noting that the way Floré derives their score is a proprietary process and should be taken only as an estimate of gut health.

From the results, Floré develops a personalized probiotic blend for the customer and sends it directly to their registered address. Customers should be aware that many of the Floré products include auto-renewal for their testing and probiotic products.

Sun Genomics Reviews

There are not many Flor reviews on the web, but the reviews that are available are generally positive. Most reviews cite the simplicity of ordering and refilling their probiotics with or without a subscription to be a major positive. Very few reviews mentioned the products for children and babies.

Trust Pilot: 4.7/5 with 28 Sun Genomics reviews

Review of Sun Genomics Pros and Cons


  • Simple process
  • Whole Genome Sequencing of bacteria samples
  • Offers a convenient subscription plan for supplements
  • Personalized probiotic blends available based on your test results
  • Supplements come in an attractive bamboo container


  • Information and reports on the customer’s microbiome seems secondary. Very little information available about what’s included.
  • Fairly expensive compared to competitors
  • Powdered supplements may not be effective
  • Supplementing your diet with probiotics is still a new, and not FDA regulated field

Nebula Genomics

We finish our Sun Genomics review with a look at Nebula Genomics.

Personal genetic testing is very different from learning about your gut’s microbiome. However, both can help you and your health care providers make informed decisions about your diet and improve your health. 

Health and wellness often involve multiple systems. Having the opportunity to analyze your entire genome, you are setting yourself up to answer overall health questions as they arise. 

You can sequence your entire genome with Nebula Genomics 30x Whole Genome Sequencing service. This process results in far more information than many other leading genetic testing companies. With Floré, you are limited to potentially answering one health question. With Nebula Genomics, you have the power to unlock questions that involve your entire genetic makeup. 

Even though your genome stays the same, research is constantly evolving. The Nebula Library is a collection of reports based on the latest genetic discoveries. It is updated weekly with over 150 genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and new reports added with each update. 

If you are interested in ways to improve your gut health, you may want to check out these alternative products:

  • Atlas Biomed (microbiome and nutrition recommendations)
  • Biohm (gut health, including bacteria and fungi)
  • Biomesight (gut testing and recommendations)
  • DayTwo (gut health, personalized recommendations for blood glucose optimization)
  • Ixcela (blood test for gut health and personalized recommendations)
  • Kean Health (gut health, recommendations, plus a gene test with 100+ traits)
  • OlaWell (recommendations to avoid food intolerances)
  • Onegevity (gut health and personalized recommendations)
  • Psomagen (gut health and gene test)
  • Rootine (personalized supplement and vitamins based on DNA test)
  • Thryve (personalized probiotics)
  • Verisana (hormone, gut, and STD tests plus many more)
  • Viome (gut health and microbiome testing)

For general health and wellness, you may be interested in:

Another supplement that you might be interested in is Tru Niagen or Elysium Health, which are supplements that may be able to slow down aging!

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