Arbonne review – Are the products worth the investment?

Arbonne Review Summary

Arbonne International LLC is an online catalog company offering holistic skin, diet, and hair products. Learn more in our Arbonne review!

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Arbonne offers holistic skin, diet, and hair products that many customers find to help improve their overall wellbeing. However, the products can be expensive, and data breaches involving passwords have been reported.


7 Facts from our Arbonne Review

  1. Location: Irvine, California  
  2. Products: Arbonne offers a holistic approach to treating the mind, body, and skin with products that provide better overall health and a sense of wellbeing
  3. Costs: Prices vary, but they are considered, even by the company itself, high compared to the average
  4. How to Order: You can order Arbonne products through the website and sign up as an independent consultant
  5. How it Works: A listings website where clients select their products, special offers, or packages
  6. Who can take this: Products should not be used by anyone younger than 13 years 
  7. Complementary products: Nebula Genomics will help determine which Arbonne products work best for you. Before getting into any dietary program like Arbonne, learn about your genes and how well your body will respond.

This review is written with the intent to be as unbiased as possible. However, it represents the opinion of an individual reviewer and is therefore subjective. Furthermore, at Nebula Genomics we seek to educate the public about the benefits of Whole Genome Sequencing. Information about our Whole Genome Sequencing DNA test is therefore incorporated into the review.

August 17, 2023

Edited by: Christina Swords

Pros and Cons


  • The ingredients for skincare include a significant amount of collagen, suitable for an overall more youthful-looking skin
  • Some of the weight management products may help control cravings
  • Hair products help your hair look healthy and thicker
  • A famous brand with a name of its own in the market 
  • 40+ years of experience


  • There is no scientific evidence that Arbonne products work as advertised
  • Some of the oral supplements have an unexpected taste
  • Many products have large ingredient lists, and some may cause unwanted reactions and side effects, like stomach and digestion issues
  • Arbonne products are pricey


What is Arbonne? Arbonne is one of the most popular multi-level marketing companies in the US. It offers products that aim to provide healthier wellbeing and better skin through Arbonne diet supplements that help lose weight, improve the skin, and more. This Arbonne review will focus on the comprehensive sets of nutrition and wellbeing products.

The products are classified into five broad categories:

  • Skincare
  • Bath & Body 
  • Makeup
  • Nutrition products
  • Hair Health

Another core service of the company entails sets and collections, groups of products claiming to provide optimal results. Arbonne sells packages for all the health areas it targets. One popular set, “Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living Program,” starts an Arbonne 30-day cleanse and helps subscribers establish lasting healthy habits.

Arbonne homepage
Arbonne homepage

Founder Petter Morck launched the company in Switzerland in 1975. He then moved the brand to Irvine, California, in 1980. The products are sold in various locations throughout the US. Through network marketing, Arbonne distributes its products in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Poland. 

In 2018, Groupe Rocher bought the company along with Nature’s Gate, a sister company. 

The company believes in a holistic approach to beauty, health, and wellbeing, and offers products that help users achieve their best selves in all the areas that matter. It specifically targets products that help people “age well, live well.” 

The company claims that all of its products are vegan and use the most effective ingredients. This also makes the products expensive, which is explained in the FAQ section under the question, “Why are Arbonne products so expensive?”

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Review of The Science Behind Arbonne

The many Arbonne products are exclusive and based on mostly natural ingredients. The products themselves do not have scientific evidence to back them up, and the claims made by the company about some of the products are not FDA-approved. How well these products work on everyone will depend on several factors pertaining to their different bodily compositions. 

An example of an Arbonne product for metabolism
An example of an Arbonne product for metabolism

To convince people to buy the products, the company might sometimes use flawed science or none at all. This is why it is important to double-check the ingredients and the information about them given on the website. There is no way to prove if the company’s claims about its products are accurate except by trying them. You should consult with your physician before starting any Arbonne products. 

Review of Live Well Philosophy


Your mindset is essential to living well and aging well. This component is gratitude. In the context of your skin, giving it some appreciation will create a better atmosphere for it to look and feel well for a longer time. “Gratitude has the ability to create health and happiness.” 

On the other end, being stressed takes a toll on the skin. A person’s skin appearance changes, resulting in undesirable conditions such as acne, dry spots, and oily skin.


How you care for your intestines and what you put inside your body will also affect your skin. Through studies, scientists have discovered that microbes in our guts might be connected to other organs throughout the body, including the skin. Microbes can alter the overall appearance of the skin, either positively or negatively.

Supporting the gut microbiome can improve the skin’s elasticity and hydration, both markers of a good skin appearance. Eating well helps alter the proportion of gut microbes, providing more variety, which allows for better nutrient absorption. The biomolecules that result from microbial action positively impact the skin and hair.   


To live well and reduce the effects of aging, something needs to be done at the skin level. So, eating well and having the correct mindset will help you have glowing skin. With its “Live Well, Age Well Collective,” this company creates products that will bring all these benefits.

A patient’s skin type determines what products work best to reduce the signs of aging. It is important to consider that skin ages differently for every person. Therefore, a regimen to reduce marks on a person’s skin should be specifically targeted. Arbonne tries to implement and combine products that will provide optimal results for most people. 

Review of Age Well Products

To help prevent aging, the company has designed a collection with three key ingredients for healthy-looking skin. These ingredients are bakuchiol, vitamin C, and plant stem cell extract. 

It has an extensive catalog of products intended to help eliminate signs of aging and make users feel healthier. But to know how well you will react to these ingredients, you should get a DNA test before even considering trying any of them. Nebula Genomics offers the most extensive examination of your genome. With the information we obtain from your genes, we can create programs exclusive to you.

Review of Arbonne Program: Improving Skin and Wellbeing

How does the program work?

The company has a catalog of products in the categories mentioned above. It also sells specially curated packages at discounted prices. Besides this, there are two main reward programs, which would be like loyalty programs you subscribe to and pay for using your Arbonne login:

Arbonne offers an Independent Consultant program
Arbonne offers an Independent Consultant program

Independent Consultant

With this program, an Arbonne Independent Consultant (AIC) can create their e-commerce website and sell Arbonne products to get a commission on product sales. The benefits include free apps for business management, a knowledge library, and a social marketing platform. 

An Arbonne consultant can sell products, recruit people into their downlines, and earn money from them. The issue here is a $49 fee, and to stay “active,” Arbonne encourages consultants to live the “Arbonne lifestyle,” which means buying more products and showcasing them on social media.

These practices have led some people and organizations to accuse this of being an Arbonne pyramid scheme, even though the company claims to be a muti-level marketing (MLM) company. In 2017, a class action lawsuit was filed against the company for this very reason. A judge dismissed the lawsuit in 2018 after the parties reached a settlement.

Arbonne consultants are the backbone of the company, working tirelessly to promote and sell the products. They undergo rigorous training to understand the benefits and uses of all nutrition products.

Preferred Client

This offer is a loyalty premium membership program. Subscribers get 20% off individual products and 40% off value packs. With a $29 registration fee and a 12-month registration term, the savings might come to nothing if you are obliged to pay every month. 

Learn more about skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema in our Research Library.

Review of Arbonne Cost

Hands down, Arbonne products are expensive. The company states in the website’s FAQ section that its prices are above average due to its formula based on “premium botanically based ingredients.” Plus, it offers the “Preferred Client” program with all the discounts mentioned. 

Are Arbonne Products safe?

Arbonne is quite popular, and because of this popularity, more people are diving into what the company claims to be high-end, pure, safe, and beneficial products. After all, Arbonne products are gluten-free and cruelty-free. A full ingredient list in every product sold are clearly shown on the product sheet. These include well-known compounds such as green coffee, green tea, olive oil, and products elaborated for a proper Arbonne cleanse and healthy lifestyle.

A list of Arbonne ingredients in a single product
A list of Arbonne ingredients in a single product

When you combine supplements, skincare products, cosmetic products, an Arbonne protein shake or protein powder, Arbonne fizz sticks, suppressors, and any other product suggested, you may be taking a cocktail of chemical products without fully understanding their toxicity potential.

Even topical products such as a corrective eye cream might pose uncharted health risks to users.

Among Arbonne’s extensive product lineup, its Herbal detox tea stands out. This product is a part of the company’s wellness range, which claims to cleanse the body and promote liver and kidney health. As with all its products, the Herbal detox tea is formulated with natural ingredients and is vegan-friendly.

Another popular product is Arbonne’s energy fizz sticks, which claim to ncrease energy levels while temporarily relieving fatigue, promoting alertness, and enhancing cognitive performance,

Review of Arbonne Privacy

The company’s privacy statement is extensive, quit transparent, and specifies what is done with the user’s information. In short, the website collects the information that you provide. It does this to order processing, payment information, provide better site navigation, etc. 

You will be targeted with advertisements in your email and during your internet navigation once you visit the website. Arbonne will not sell your personal information but will share it with its affiliates and service providers.

Arbonne in the News

With Arbonne being as popular as it is, it has been heavily featured in the news. Due to its independent consultant program, many of these sellers feature their products on its social media. This has generated some traffic and even some hot debates on the authenticity of the products and the transparency of Arbonne’s selling methods.

There was also a data breach at the company in May 2020, and the FTC sent warning letters regarding unsupported claims related to COVID-19. 

Other Arbonne Reviews

Reviews about Arbonne vary since not only do they offer beauty and health products, but they also provide job opportunities. As a job-providing corporation, the reviews are not too good, as many accuse the company of getting its way with a pyramid scheme, although the company has denied it more than once. 

These Arbonne reviews focus on people’s opinions on the products’ quality and customer service to look at their effectiveness from users’ points of view. In this regard, reviews are mixed, as expected, since results vary. Many of the positive reviews come from customers who love the products. Of course, many complaints have to do with the prices—an indication that people might not find the quality worth the price.

A positive Arbonne review
A positive review focusing on the quality of Arbonne products
A negative Arbonne review referencing their weight loss programs
A negative referencing the weight loss programs

The company has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website. However, customer ratings only give it 2.56 stars. Most of the complaints are from customers who felt they were scammed by the prices and had trouble with refunds. On the other hand, some reviewers praised the company for the products and the consultant process.

Nebula Genomics

Arbonne’s approach of linking mind, body, and skin is on point. However, nothing beats knowing how to treat all these from your DNA.

If you ask yourself, “Why sequence my DNA?” it is crucial that you know that you should consult with your doctor before taking any dietary supplements from any company. But not even your doctor has the specificity to understand what will work on you that raw DNA data does. 

In Nebula Genomics, we specialize in sequencing your DNA and providing a complete report that will help you make much more educated decisions on what Arbonne treatment will work for you, if any. Our exclusive 30x Whole Genome Sequencing gets you 10,000 times more data than any other DNA test. Plus, you receive weekly updated reports based on recent scientific discoveries and genome exploration tools to keep learning more about your genetics!

With Arbonne concoctions with so many ingredients, it is best to play it safe and learn how your body might respond. Due to genetics, your body will react differently to a treatment everyone else is taking and with positive results. 

You may be interested in other products that claim to reduce signs of aging, like Curology, Obagi, Plexaderm, SeroVital, and Zion Health.

Other companies that offer aging well products include:

  • AgelessRx (prescription anti-aging products)
  • Capillus (laser-filled caps to stimulate hair follicles)
  • Elysium Health (supplements designed to slow down aging)
  • Keeps (prescription-strength hair-loss treatment)
  • Neuriva (supplement to improve brain function)
  • Nugenix (testosterone booster)
  • Nutrafol (supplements for hair growth and thickening)
  • PotentLift (variety of products for skin health and anti-aging)
  • Prevagen (a supplement designed to improve memory)
  • Relief Factor (supplement to reduce pain)
  • TeloYears (uses telomere length to assess biological age)
  • Test Boost Max (testosterone booster)
  • Tru Niagen (supplements designed to slow down aging)
  • Vegamour (plant-based hair care products)
  • Viviscal (supplements for hair growth and thickening)
  • Xtend Life (supplements, skincare, and superfoods for anti-aging)

Did you find our Arbonne review helpful? You can read more reviews on our blog and our complete guide to the best DNA test kit and other home tests.

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