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Chronomics is a wellness testing company that also offers epigenetic assessment. Learn more in our Chronomics review!

Fiyin Ebemidayo, B.S.

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Chronomics offers various tests, including those for wellness and epigenetics. Generally, customers review the service well although some reporting issues unsubscribing and inputting barcodes for registration.


7 Facts About Our Chronomics Review

  1. Location: London, UK
  2. Services: At-home wellness tests
  3. Cost: Wellness tests: $74-$248; COVID-19: ~$20
  4. How it works: Customers order the test, collect a sample, and return the material to the lab using a prepaid envelope
  5. Counseling available: No
  6. How to order: On the company website
  7. Alternative Products:  Nebula Genomics offers 30X Whole Genome Sequencing that decodes 100% of your DNA and gives reports on diet and much more!

This review is written with the intent to be as unbiased as possible. However, it represents the opinion of an individual reviewer and is therefore subjective. Furthermore, at Nebula Genomics we seek to educate the public about the benefits of Whole Genome Sequencing. Information about our Whole Genome Sequencing DNA test is therefore incorporated into the review.

December 5, 2023

Pros and Cons


  • A diverse range of health tests for various wellness needs
  • Adherence to GDPR ensures robust data protection for EU and UK users
  • User-friendly website and easy-to-understand reports


  • Some users might find their tests to be on the pricier side
  • Periodic testing might be inconvenient for some
  • Some customers found it difficult to unsubscribe from the service


Chronomics, a health company, offers a range of at-home health tests designed to provide users with valuable insights into their health. Its tests promise quick results backed by accurate lab analyses. The company has gained attention from notable publications such as Forbes, City A.M., and Business Weekly, which speaks to its growing reputation in the health and wellness sector.

Its product offerings span various health areas, including general wellness and energy, heart health, essential vitamins, thyroid function, cholesterol and lipids, and ovarian reserve.

Chronomics homepage
Chronomics homepage

Founded by leading scientists from large universities like Cambridge and Oxford, Chronomics emphasizes the importance of accurate and scientifically valid data. Its commitment to accuracy is further demonstrated by their collaboration with UKAS-accredited labs that comply with ISO laboratory standards and are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

As of 2023, the company has served over 100,000 customers. It ships to anywhere in the United States except for New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

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The Science Behind Chronomics

Chronomics relies on biomarkers to assess one’s health in various areas. Biomarkers are objective markers of health conditions. For example, TSH is a biomarker for thyroid health present in the blood.

If there is too much or too little TSH in a blood sample, it can mean that they thyroid is not working properly. Doctors can use more tests to diagnose a thyroid problem.

The company also has a test for epigenetics. These changes can affect an individual’s phenotype without changing the genotype. These changes can be influenced by various factors such as age, environment, lifestyle, and disease state.

Chronomics uses DNA methylation, a process by which methyl groups are added to the DNA molecule for their epigenetics test. These changes can change the activity of a DNA segment without changing its sequence. By analyzing DNA methylation patterns, Chronomics can provide information on an individual’s health, wellness, and biological age.

Review of Chronomics Products

Chronomics offers 15 health tests, each designed to provide specific information into an individual’s health and well-being. It also sells three COVID-19 tests. 

For most of the products, customers receive an email 48 hours after the sample arrives at the lab. The message contains a link to view results on a secure dashboard once they are ready.

Below are details for some of these tests.

General Wellness and Energy Screen

This test analyzes 17 biomarkers to provide customers with a picture of their overall health. With this comprehensive test, customers can evaluate liver, kidney, and thyroid function and also levels of essential vitamins and cholesterol.

The company recommends this test for anyone looking for an comprehensive view of their health, especially those with a family history of heart disease, liver or kidney problems, or those who have been experiencing symptoms such as fatigue or lethargy. Since this test includes cholesterol measurements, the company recommends customers fast eight hours before taking it.

Chronomics General Wellness and Energy Screen
Chronomics General Wellness and Energy Screen

The test should be taken yearly to monitor changes in health. 

Alternatively, customers can order the tests individually. The company offers heart health profile, essential vitamins, thyroid function, cholesterol and lipids, liver function, and kidney function.

Diabetes/PreDiabetes (HbA1c)

This test assesses the Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) biomarker, which doctors use to diagnose and monitor type 2 diabetes. Customers who have diabetes can use this product to see how their condition changes over time and determine how well their treatment plan is working. If HbA1c is significantly higher, they should consult with their doctor about their diabetes management. If HbA1c is in the normal range, it could signal good diabetes control.

Diabetes/PreDiabetes (HbA1c) test
Chronomics Diabetes/PreDiabetes (HbA1c) test

For those not diagnosed, it can signal whether they might have prediabetes, a condition where blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not yet high enough to be indicative of type 2 diabetes. Or, it can diagnose the condition in those showing symptoms.

This test is for those at risk for diabetes or prediabetes. Customers do not need to fast before taking this test. Individuals should take this test once or twice a year.

Other Chronomics test kits

  • Ovarian Reserve
  • Advanced Male Hormone
  • Testosterone
  • PCOS
  • Prostate Health
  • Blood Iron

Epigenetic Biological Age

Unlike the biomarker products, this test uses saliva to analyze the customer’s DNA and measure biological age. Chronological age is how old a person is in years. On the other hand, biological age measures how old the cells in one’s body appear to be based on lifestyle and environmental factors.

The company uses DNA methylation in its epigenetic tests. With this test, customers can get insight into how their lifestyle, things like exercise, supplements, diet, etc., affect their overall health.

Results become available 8-10 weeks after the sample arrives at the lab. 

COVID-19 Testing Kits

Chronomics offers a range of COVID-19 testing solutions required by the UK government for general use and certain forms of travel. They include fit-to-fly certification, pre-cruise, and general use. All options are rapid antigen tests that use lateral flow testing and not PCR tests. It should be noted that COVID-19 products are not eligible for refunds.

Taking a Chronomics Test

Customers order a Chronomics test online on the website. Then, they collect the sample, usually a spot of blood from a finger prick. They return the sample to the lab using a prepaid envelope. The company uploads results to the customer portal three days after the sample arrives at the lab.

Taking a Chronomics test
Taking a Chronomics test

Review of Chronomics Cost

Since this is a UK based company, prices are listed in British pounds. The prices in American dollars are included.

  • General Wellness and Energy Screen – £89/$111
  • Individual tests for heart health, essential vitamins, thyroid function, cholesterol and lipids, liver function, and kidney function – £69/$86
  • Diabetes/PreDiabetes – £69/$86
  • Epigenetic Biological Age – £199/$248
  • Ovarian Reserve – £99/$124
  • Advanced Male Hormone – £139/$173
  • Testosterone – £69/$86
  • PCOS Hormone – £139/$173
  • Prostate Health – £69/$86
  • Blood Iron – £59/$74
  • COVID-19 Fit-to-Fly and Pre-Cruise – £15/$19
  • COVID-19 General use – £12/$15

Review of a Chronomics Report

Chronomics provides users with detailed health reports based on at-home tests. Once a sample is sent to their accredited labs, the team processes and the results and uploads them to a secure online system within three days. These reports offer insights into various health aspects, from general wellness to specific functions like thyroid health.

Sample reporting
Chronomics sample report

The user-friendly dashboard allows individuals to easily understand their results. For each biomarker tested, the company provides the quantitative result and unit of measurement. Other information in the report includes whether the result is normal or abnormal, the role of the biomarker in the body, and some reasons why a result could be outside of normal range.

The color coding shows that green is the normal range and red is anything outside that range.

Review of Chronomics Privacy Policy

The policy, last updated on November 14, 2022, provides a detailed overview of how personal data is collected, used, and protected by Chronomics, Ltd. and its affiliates.

The policy notes that the company collects data provided directly by users, such as contact information, health information, and preferences, as well as data received from third parties like doctors and laboratories. Additionally, Chronomics collects certain data automatically, such as IP addresses and information from cookies, to enhance user experience and analyze site performance.

Chronomics mainly uses the information to provide the services requested. It does not sell personal information. It may also provide information to law enforcement if required. It does not store personal data longer than necessary to provide its service.

For international users, Chronomics acknowledges that data may be transferred to locations with different data protection laws. However, it ensures that transfers comply with applicable laws, and they use safeguards like standard contractual clauses to protect user data.

Other Chronomics Reviews

On Trustpilot, Chronomics has 3.9 stars with over 15,000 reviews. Most customers had a good experience with customer service, especially when having technical difficulties. However, some customers do not find customer service helpful and overall the process seems stressful. The main complaints appear to be an issue with the website recognizing the barcode or registration number contained in the kits and trouble contacting customer service.

On the Product Hunt platform, Chronomics boasts a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Most users recommend the service, but one reviewer questioned the value of the information provided.

DNA Testing Choice ranks Chronomics 82nd out of 82 in the Health Testing group with a 1 star rating. The lone review was dissatisfied with the long survey, cost for value, and challenges of unsubscribing from the service.

Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics and Chronomics offer health insights, but their focus and methods differ. Nebula Genomics delves deep into one’s genetic makeup, while Chronomics explores biomarkers and the dynamic epigenetic changes influenced by lifestyle and environment. Both have their unique strengths, catering to different health and wellness needs.

With 30x Whole-Genome Sequencing, Nebula sequences 100% of your DNA to get to the root cause of every biological inclination. The test is incredibly accurate and includes other additions, including ancestry reporting and genome exploration tools. Regularly updated reports ensure that you will not miss the latest genetic research. 

Nebula is not a diagnostic test, but the results are of the highest quality and can be used in consultation with health care professionals.

For only $299 or less, customers will get access to their entire genome, allowing them to continue to ask more questions as more research is conducted. 

ChronomicsNebula Genomics
Testing methodBlood test for biomarkers and saliva for epigeneticsSaliva samples for whole-genome sequencing
ReportsNotes whether biomarkers are within normal range; Describes how lifestyle and environment affect biological ageProvides a comprehensive report detailing the individual’s genetic makeup. This can include information about health risks, traits, wellness, and ancestry. The report is interactive and can be explored in detail on their platform
CounselingNoNo, but physicians and genetic counselors can use data
Cost$74-$248; COVID-19: ~$20$0, $99, $299

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