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Genebase Review Summary

Genebase uses an app model to provide genetic results on ancestry, lifestyle, health, disease, behavior, and traits. Learn more in our Genebase review!

Fiyin Ebemidayo, B.S.



Genebase provides uses web apps to provide customers with information on different aspects of their DNA. The price for individual apps is competitive, but purchasing several can get expensive. The company runs each sample twice to increase accuracy. Some results are on par with common genetic analyses while others, especially the behavior and traits, tend to be based on weak associations.


7 Facts from our Genebase Review

  1. Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  2. Products: DNA services in the form of genetic testing products divided across 4 different categories, including Ancestry, Lifestyle, Health & Disease, and Behavior & Traits
  3. Cost: $119-$1779 
  4. Reports: App based web portal for various traits and conditions
  5. How it works: Register an account with Genebase Biolabs. Choose your test and make payment. Receive the test and provide a sample as the test requires. Mail back to the lab. Get results from 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the test.
  6. Upload option: Yes
  7. Alternative Products: Nebula Genomics offers 30X Whole Genome Sequencing that decodes 100% of your DNA and offers reports on diet and much more!

This review is written with the intent to be as unbiased as possible. However, it represents the opinion of an individual reviewer and is therefore subjective. Furthermore, at Nebula Genomics we seek to educate the public about the benefits of Whole Genome Sequencing. Information about our Whole Genome Sequencing DNA test is therefore incorporated into the review.

March 23, 2022

Pros and Cons


  • Tests are performed twice to increase accuracy
  • Results are quick
  • A number of different categories to choose from
  • Ancestry apps are free with purchase of a single test


  • Individual Lifestyle, Health & Disease, and Behavior & Traits tests are more expensive than competitors
  • Some tests are linked to unproven genetic associations, mainly in the Behavior category
  • User interface can feel outdated

Genebase Introduction

Genebase is a genetic testing company that provides advanced DNA analysis for private bodies, law enforcement, lawyers, hospitals, government, and forensic casework. Their DNA test focuses on the risk of a person getting certain life-threatening diseases, helping people trace their ancestry and lifestyle issues that could improve their well-being.

Genebase also helps people understand their traits and behaviors influenced by their genes. Genebase allows customers who require them to dig deep into their ancestry and origin to access their results on the DNA ancestry Project website.

Sample of Genebase Ancestry projects
Sample of Genebase Ancestry projects

Genebase is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and the company was founded in 2005. The company uses advanced testing technology to provide accurate DNA testing services. It began as a legal and forensic DNA testing facility for government, hospitals, lawyers and law enforcement. It claims to be one of the first DNA testing laboratories to use the cheek swab in routine casework. The company has since expanded to include private clients.

The company has a partnership with Genovate and sells additional tests not available on its website, including paternity testing.

Did you know that Genebase only sequences genes relevant to their tests? At Nebula Genomics, we offer affordable Whole Genome Sequencing that decodes 100% of your DNA and will enable you to learn more about your ancestry, wellness, and health than any other DNA test! Click here to learn more!

The Science behind Genebase

The company uses high quality technology to ensure the accuracy of your DNA results. It fully automates sequencing and genotyping and runs each test twice. In addition to providing DNA tests, Genebase is also a research organization that develops molecular genetic tests based on genetic research and new technology.

Genebase labs are accredited by the AABB, CAP, CLIA, SCC, and ISO17025. It includes a network of over 3000 laboratories nationwide for use in legal court cases that require chain of custody.

Review of Genebase Products

The company divides the products into four categories: Lifestyle, Ancestry, Health and Disease, and Behavior and Traits. They are referred to as tests for ordering purposes, but are also noted as web apps. If you have taken a single DNA test from one of the categories, you can purchase apps separately without taking another test. 

Genebase app selection
Genebase app selection

Review of Genebase Lifestyle: Diet & Fitness

These DNA tests look at specific genetic variants that influence how effective diets, supplements, and fitness work for your unique blueprint. 

DNA Nutrition: Determines the right supplement that suits your body system. It also provides you with information regarding your risk of having nutritional deficiencies and how well your body breaks down or absorbs the minerals and vitamins you take. This information can help you in deciding if you need to take any additional dietary supplements. 

DNA Fitness: Determines the best exercise for your muscle profile, if you are at risk of having Achilles tendinopathy and soft tissue injuries, how well your body can handle pain, and ways to utilize your exercise. Information will help you build a personalized fitness plan tailored to your genetic tendencies. 

DNA Weight Loss: Determines the best diet for your weight loss, how you can lose weight effectively, ways to optimize your weight loss goals and the DNA changes that affect your weight. It includes multiple genetic variants that focus on aspects such as appetite suppression, fat metabolism, response to exercise, and more. 

Review of Genebase Lifestyle: Food Sensitivities

These DNA tests focus on sensitivities to specific types of food in your diet.

DNA Celiac disease: Determines if you are highly sensitive to gluten, at risk of developing celiac disease, and if you carry a genetic variant that increases your risk of developing celiac disease.

Genebase genetics of celiac disease
Genebase genetics of celiac disease

DNA Lactose Intolerance: Determines if lactose intolerance causes digestive issues, if you carry genetic variants that make you lactose intolerant, or if you are at risk of becoming lactose intolerant. 

DNA Caffeine Sensitivity: Determines the type of caffeine metabolizer you are, if you carry a genetic variant that exposes you to caffeine sensitivity, and if you are at risk of hypertension and heart attack.

DNA Alcohol Intolerance: Determines if you are alcohol tolerant, carry the genetic variant that exposes you to alcohol metabolism issues, and if you are at risk of having esophageal cancer.

Review of Genebase Health & Disease

These tests look for specific genetic variants, from a single gene to multiple genes, to determine your genetic risk of various common diseases.


DNA Type 2 Diabetes Test: Determines your risk of having type 2 diabetes, especially if you have a family member who has the disease. It also lets you know if you carry genetic variants that influence fat metabolism, glucose levels, insulin production, and your body’s response to insulin.

DNA Alzheimer’s Disease Test: Determines if you are at risk of having Alzheimer’s disease, especially if you have a family member who has the disease. 

Genebase Alzheimer’s sample
Genebase Alzheimer’s sample

DNA Osteoporosis Test: Determines if you have a genetic risk of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, especially if you haven’t been taking care of your bones. 

Cardiovascular Disease (APOE) DNA test: Determines your risk of having a heart attack influenced by the APOE gene. Experts have linked a certain variant to high LDL cholesterol and increased risk of heart attack. 

DNA Hemocromatosis Test: Determines your risk of having hemochromatosis. The company targets this test towards those of European descent, especially the Vikings. The Vikings carry a genetic mutation that increases their risk of having hereditary hemochromatosis.

DNA Cardiovascular Health Test: Determines if your gene puts you at risk of having a heart attack. It also helps check your family history for heart-related issues and provides you with the changes you require to protect your heart.

DNA Thrombotic Risk Test: Determines if you are at risk of having abnormal blood clotting. It also helps to check if your genetic variant puts you at a chance of a blood clot that can be life-threatening.

DNA Narcolepsy Test: Determines if you have narcolepsy, especially if you already have difficulty staying awake during the day.


DNA Skin Health Test: Determines your risk of skin disorder and how sensitive your skin is to the sun. It also recommends a diet to improve skin and ways to improve your skincare routine.

Review of Genebase Behavior & Traits

DNA Warrior Gene: Determines if you have a genetic predisposition to aggression when you are stressed. It also helps you know if you carry the so-called “warrior” gene that makes your business savvy.

Wanderlust Gene Test: Determines if you have the “wanderlust” gene that is said to influence traits such as your love of traveling adventures, trying out new food, taking risks, and exploring new places.

Genebase samples of Behavior & Trait tests
Genebase samples of Behavior & Trait tests

Promiscuity Gene DRD4 Test: Determines if you have a gene that may make you more likely to be unfaithful in your relationship. Other tests along this similar line include the Male Pair Bonding Gene AVPR1A Test and the Female Infidelity Gene AVPR1A Test.

Anxiety and Depression 5-HTTLPR DNA Test: Determines if you are at risk of depression and anxiety.

DNA Sleep Quality: This DNA test helps you determine if you are a natural deep sleeper.


With one ancestry DNA test, customers get access to over 100 free apps to analyze their ancestry. Each app is based on different analysis tools backed by scientific studies. 

When ordering a test, customers can choose to trace their paternal lineage, their maternal lineage, or both. Since the paternal lineage is based on the Y chromosome, it can only be taken by biological males. Females can ask a male relative to take the test to get information on this lineage. Anyone can take the maternal lineage test that analyzes the mtDNA, passed to a child from their mother. There are several tiers of each test based on the number of markers tested.

Using the free apps, you can discover things such as building your family tree, discover if you have royal blood, or if you are linked to world leaders. You can also join a DNA project that keeps a database of all the samples submitted.

Taking a Genebase Test

To begin your journey with Genebase, you create an account with the company for free. The account gives you access to order your DNA test and access the Genebase app. 

Order the test kit online and use the supplies to collect a pain-free mouth swab. Then, you mail the sample to the Genebase laboratory for testing. Once the results are ready, they will be uploaded to your Genebase account within 5-7 business days.

Review of Genebase Cost

Genebase test costs are in the average category ranging from $149 – $349.

Lifestyle: Diet & Fitness

  • Nutrition: $249
  • Fitness: $249
  • Weight Loss: $249

Lifestyle: Food Sensitivities

  • Lactose Intolerance: $149
  • Celiac Disease: $249
  • Caffeine Sensitivity: $149
  • Alcohol Intolerance: $149

Health & Disease

  • Type 2 Diabetes: $349
  • Alzheimer’s Disease: $195
  • Osteoporosis: $195
  • Cardiovascular disease (ApoE): $195
  • Skin Health: $249
  • Hemocromatosis: $195
  • Cardiovascular Health: $349
  • Thrombotic Risk: $195
  • Narcolepsy: $195

Additional miscellaneous and carrier trait tests are available for free to those with an account and an uploaded DNA sequence. 

Behavior & Traits

  • DNA Warrior gene: $149
  • Wanderlust Gene Test: $149
  • Promiscuity Gene DRD4 test: $149
  • Male Pair Bonding Gene AVPR1A Test: $149
  • Female infidelity gene AVPR1A test: $149
  • Anxiety and depression 5-HTTLPR DNA test: $149
  • DNA sleep quality: $149

Ancestry (plus shipping and handling):

  • Paternal lineages: $119-$339
  • Maternal lineages: $119-$1528
  • Combo packages: $238-$1779

Review of Genebase Reports

The reports are provided through your online account on the web and the app. Each one provides a report explaining what your DNA results are and what they mean for your lifestyle, disease risk, and/or behavior. The ability to view your results online and in an app make this test very accessible. 


Some reports focus on one or a few genes to provide information on a very specific aspect. One example is the hemochromatosis report, which looks specifically for HFE mutations. 1 in 9 people of European descent carry one of these variants while 1 in 200 carry two variants and a higher risk of developing the disease.

A sample report for hemochromatosis DNA Test
A sample report for hemochromatosis DNA Test

Other tests will use several different types of genetic variants to give a wider overview of your health in a specific category. For example, the Nutrition DNA test looks at 12 genes that are linked to various aspects related to nutrition. These include Vitamin A (BCO1), Folate (MTHFD1 and MTHFR), and Omega-3 (NOS3). Many of these genes are associated with absorption of certain vitamins and minerals.

Sample of what is analyzed in a Nutrition test
Sample of what is analyzed in a Nutrition test

Understanding how well your body uses nutrients can help you customize your nutrition planning. 


With one test, you have access to over 100 reports on ancestry. Some of them are geared towards customers looking for genealogy research, such as the DNA Access Ancestry Package that helps you trace your roots back 150,000 years. It includes lineage information, migration maps & raw data comparisons.

Other ancestry tests cater towards history buffs and those interested in knowing their relation with famous or historical figures. For example, the Thomas Jefferson app reveals if you descend from the same paternal line as this figure. The analysis is performed by comparing your Y-DNA profile to that of Thomas Jefferson. In this case, only biological males can make use of this analysis.

Review of Genebase Privacy

Genebase takes users’ confidentiality very important as they strive to consistently protect users’ personal information. The company has a privacy notice that contains detailed information on how they strictly protect users’ details. The company only shares customer information with their contractors and agents to provide their service. They do not share your information with third parties and only release your information to comply with legal requests under a warrant.

The Genebase account is supplied through a secure location. Customers are responsible for the security of their Account ID and password. 

Nebula Genomics

Genebase is a medium sized genetic company that offers tests on genetic predispositions categorized into Ancestry, Health & Disease, Lifestyle, and Behavior & Traits. While the number of tests available is impressive, they can be severely limited to one or a few genes. 

In order to get a more comprehensive view of your genome, you may be interested in whole genome sequencing. Nebula Genomics offers 30x Whole-Genome Sequencing to provide full and accurate information on a person’s DNA. The testing method makes it one of the few standouts globally that sequence 100% of your genome, instead of select markers like Genebase. Customers can learn about their susceptibility to health conditions and traits. Plus, as new research is performed, customers can access regularly updated reports. 

With Nebula Genomics, you get access to your full genetic information. Therefore, if you run across a gene that may be associated with something like aggressiveness, you can use our genome exploration tool to see if you have it – no additional test or app purchase required. 

Nebula Genomics whole-genome sequencing is also affordable. Whereas Genebase apps can cost between $149-$349 (ancestry tests can cost more or less), you can Sequence 100% of your DNA costs $299 or less.

GenebaseNebula Genomics
DNA testing methodSequence relevant genes for its testsSequencing all 20,000 genes and regulatory regions
Ancestry reportingYesPerforms deep ancestry reporting with the complete Y chromosome and mtDNA sequencing
DNA uploadYes, for certain testsYes
Data accessNoYes
Cost $149 – $349$0, $99, $299

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