Pathway Genomics review – Can discovering your genes help unlock the secrets to your health?

Pathway Genomics Review Summary

Pathway Genomics is a clinic-grade genetic testing company used in collaboration with patients and physicians. Learn more in our Pathway Genomics review!

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Pathway Genomics test kit


Pathway Genomics provides clinic-grade results for various health issues with an easy to use app. Price may be expensive for only examining a single health issue.


This review is written with the intent to be as unbiased as possible. However, it represents the opinion of an individual reviewer and is therefore subjective. Furthermore, at Nebula Genomics we seek to educate the public about the benefits of Whole Genome Sequencing. Information about our Whole Genome Sequencing DNA test is therefore incorporated into the review.

January 4, 2021

7 Facts based on our Pathway Genomics Review

  1. Location: San Diego, CA
  2. Products: Pathway Genomics offers a dietgene app that combines patient DNA analysis and personal preferences to provide exercise plan recommendations and personalized diet type to improve overall health.
  3. Costs: $149 – $329 
  4. Reports: Detailed information about your genetic disposition and the suitable matching diet you should adopt. The report also contains personalized, detailed recommendations and actions that patients need to improve their personal health 
  5. Privacy: Pathway Genomics claims to excellently uphold the confidentiality of their patients.
  6. Raw Data Access: Pathway Genomics does not offer access to raw data neither do they allow you to upload your DNA for additional analysis.
  7. Complementary Products: Nebula Genomics (Whole Genome Sequencing with weekly updated reports (incl. diet), data exploration tools, and advanced ancestry reporting)

Pathway Genomics Introduction

Originally founded in 2009 under the name Pathway Genomics, this genetic testing company now goes by the name OmeCare and offers a range of clinic-grade genetic testing services to physicians and their patients. They provide five unique tests for different purposes, encompassing somatic & hereditary cancer risk, inherited diseases, cardiac health, drug response, nutrition, and exercise response. 

Michael Nova founded the company with a mission of making “genetic testing and personalized medicine accessible and affordable to everyone.” 

A team of leading scientists carries out the company’s physician-trusted DNA testing. They have specialists in the field of genetic and molecular biology, nutrition, as well as physicians. They comprise over 40 scientists from highly-rated institutions globally, including Harvard, Stanford, and Yale. 

The company provides comprehensive, Ambry Genetics (risks of various disease types) clinic-grade genetic information. Such information will decode your DNA and aid medical providers in providing proper personalized diet and exercise recommendations. 

Pathway Genomics tests are now available in 44 countries and 50 states. Over 3000 physicians and 200,000 patients have used the tests thus far.

Are you interested in a test that decodes 100% of your DNA and focuses on comprehensive health instead of just a few conditions? Nebula Genomics offers the most Whole Genome Sequencing! This is the most complete DNA test that decodes all 20,000 genes and all regulatory genomic regions. Click here to learn more!

Review of Pathway Genomics Science

Pathway Genomics analyzes DNA and builds a genetic profile for each customer. The test will reveal things like nutritional deficiencies, how your body reacts to specific drugs, and its sensitivity to lactose intolerance and gluten. 

Your results will guide personalized recommendations. Recommendations will cover your matching diets, food reactions, nutritional needs, suitable skincare products, and suggest appropriate medication to help you live a healthier life. The report provides information about your genetic variables, detailed breakdowns of your genetic markers, and an analysis of your nutritional data. 

Pathway Genomics works based on the scientifically proven and universally accepted principle that every person is unique in their genetic makeup. Thus, they believe that by using an individual’s genetic makeup as a guide, they can personalize medication, nutrition, and exercise the individual needs to live a healthy life.

The Pathway Genomics process
How pathway genomics determines test results

Pathway Genomics Review

Pathway Genomics Products

The five DNA tests examine 33,000 genetic markers to interpret 191 conditions, diseases, or drugs. This company use to also offer a Fit IQ test under the name Pathway Genomics although it is no longer available.

The five tests available
The five tests of Pathway Genomics


This DNA analysis focuses on genetic predispositions for consuming macro-nutrients, exercise and training types, food reactions, metabolic health factors, and food reactions. Customers also receive access to customized recipes recommended for your personalized diet.


A DNA analysis that focuses on genetic predispositions for obesity, metabolism, cholesterol levels, vitamins intake levels, and more. This product also includes access to customized recipes recommended for your personalized diet.


Information on genetic variables related to pain medication which can be shared with medical professionals for personalized care. Some nutritional information is also included.


Information on genetic variables related to skin health and treatment which can be shared with medical professionals for personalized care. Some nutritional information is also included.


Information on genetic sensitivities to various mental health medications. Some nutritional information is also included.

Dietgene app

Each test comes with access to the dietgene app, a routine focused app designed to use your DNA results to integrate healthy habits into your lifestyle and monitor your progress to help you stay on track. The app combines your DNA analysis and personal preferences to provide personalized meal and exercise recommendations.

The DietGene app
The DietGene app

Review of How to take a Pathway Genomics Test

Physicians can partner with Pathway Genomics to unlock more features that help benefit their patients.

Important note on removing the lab fee: Physicians can request a kit. A lab fee in your cart is included and if you remove the lab free, the cart will be emptied and the user will have to restart the activation process.

Customers can also independently order a test online or purchase one from retailers such as CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, or Amazon. Because data is collected and analyzed in College of Pathologists (CAP) and Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendment (CLIA) approved laboratories, the results can be taken to any physician for consultation. 

The test taking process can be categorized into three steps — sample collection, waiting for DNA insights, and getting your result.

The three step testing process
Simple illustration of how to take a Pathway Genomics test 

Once a customer signs up online, they will receive an email confirmation within a few minute. If the email is not received, customers are asked to please check junk and spam folders and mark the company as a contact.

DNA sample collection can be done at home. Customers must first request and register their kits with the company. They then use the collection material provided to take two  quick (45 second) cheek swabs from either side of their mouth. It’s important that customers refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, brushing their teeth, or chewing gum for about 30 minutes before collecting the sample. Customers should also take care to avoid contaminating the collection material. Finally, they ship the samples back to the Pathway Genomics lab in a pre-paid shipping bag.

Review of Pathway Genomics Test Cost

There are five different at-home DNA test kits by OmeCare available at various prices.

OmeHealth: DNA test for nutrition, fitness & performance – $249 (originally $289)

OmeNutrition: DNA test to help your weight loss goals and weight management through a personalized diet plan – $149 (originally $189)

OmePainMeds: DNA test for pain management medication efficacy – $199 (originally $229.00)

OmeSkin: DNA test for Personalized Skin Care –  $199 (originally $229)

OmePsychiatricMeds: DNA test for mental health medication efficacy – $299 (originally $329)

OmePainMeds price
The Pathway Genomics price tag of one of the OmePainMeds test

Review of Pathway Genomics Reports

Pathway Genomics uses artificial intelligence and associated algorithms to provide accurate reports for individuals and medical professionals. The tests and reports are products of years of research coupled with peer-reviewed validation. It offers personalized, detailed recommendations and actions an individual can take to live a healthier life. 

Pathway Genomics results
Some of the information obtained from the Pathway Genomics tests


This complete nutrition and fitness DNA test unlocks individual genetic potential. 

The report reveals

  • the OmeHealth report provides unique nutrition recommendations for individuals. 
  • the appropriate exercise that’s best for you. 
OmeHealth sample from Pathway Genomics
A portion of OmeHealth sample report


The OmeNutrition test is performed for individuals who desire to lose body weight and maintain healthy nutrition with a personalized genetic based diet plan. 

The report indicates 

  • your diet, eating habits, and eating behavior. 
  • the foods you react to or your food desire.
  • the nutrients you need more and the ones you don’t.
OmeNutrition sample from Pathway Genomics
A portion of the OmeNutrition sample report


This is a genetic test for pain management medication efficacy. 

The report reveals:

  • the appropriate medication you need to take to be healthier. 
  • your risk of adverse effects. 
  • the required dosage you should take.
OmePainMeds sample from Pathway Genomics
A portion of the OmePainMeds sample report


This genetic skin health test can help you get personalized skin care. 

The report reveals:

  • skin glycation
  • skin moisture and hydration factor 
  • skin texture and elasticity
  • skin inflammation & allergy risk (Did you know you can test inflammation markers at home? Learn more in our article about at home inflammation tests).
  • skin oxidation protection
  • skin photoaging
  • skin nutritional needs
OmeSkin sample from Pathway Genomics
A portion of the OmeSkin sample report 


Genetic medication efficacy testing for antidepressants and mental health medications.

The report shows:

  • different drug classes you can use. 
  • the drugs are grouped into “preferential use, use as directed, may have significant limitations, and may cause serious adverse effects.”
  • comments about each drug class.
OmePsychiatricMeds sample from Pathway Genomics
A portion of the OmePsychiatricMeds sample report.

COVID-19 Test

Pathway Genomics offers a real-time PCR (RT-PCR) test to diagnose COVID-19 for both patients and physicians. Results are 98-100% accurate and available within 24-48 hours. The test was given FDA Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) on August 25, 2020.

Interested in COVID-19 travel tests? Kurix Health and Project Screen offer special testing meeting requirements for departing and arriving in the UK.

Pathway Genomics Privacy Review

On the Pathway Genomics website’s homepage, the link to its privacy policy can be seen at the bottom. There, you can download the full document titled “Notice Of Privacy Practices & HIPAA Compliance.” The effective date of the notice is August 20, 2020. Among other notes, Pathway Genomics states that it does not sell your contact information to third parties.

The company also notes that all healthcare and genetic data is stored in a HIPAA compliant cloud, and on designated servers with filesystem-level and client-server encryption to guarantee the maximum level of security.

Pathway Genomics Pros and Cons


  • At-home testing 
  • Easy sample collection process 
  • Quality DNA tests 
  • Tests examine 33,000 genetic markers to interpret 191 health conditions, diseases, or drugs


  • Samples can be easily contaminated 
  • A contaminated sample may provide false results
  • May be expensive for analyzing only a specific health issue

Nebula Genomics

Most DNA tests decode only 0.02% of your DNA, but that is not the case with Nebula Genomics. At Nebula Genomics, we decode all your DNA with Whole Genome Sequencing. That means you’ll get 10,000 times more data than other genetics tests, including AncestryDNA and 23andMe. 

Nebula Genomics enables you to have total control over your genomic data. We also offer Genome exploration tools that you can adopt to browse your data, search for genetic variants, and analyze your genes. Our Whole Genome Sequencing data is of the highest quality and can be used by physicians and genetic counselors.

Compared to Pathway Genomics reports, which only focus on some areas of your genetics and overall health, the Nebula Genomics DNA test kit analyzes your entire genome and gives you exploration tools to provide you with the most comprehensive view of your genome. You can find the answers to clinical questions provided with Pathway Genomics, such as obesity, both LDL and HDL cholesterol levels, pain treatment, mental health, plus many more. 

We offer privacy-focused personal genomics service and we’re dedicated to providing quality direct-to-consumer DNA testing. We partner with Oasis Labs to provide you cutting-edge privacy-preserving technology. 

Pathway GenomicsNebula Genomics
Testing MethodDNA30X Whole Genome Sequencing
ReportingPersonalized diet, exercise, skin, and/or medication sensitivity analysisGenetic predispositions for health and traits with weekly updates (learn more)
Ancestry ReportingNoYes
Options for Data UploadingNoYes
Data Exploration ToolsNoYes (learn more)
Pathway Genomics vs Nebula Genomics

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